How to Watch the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Grand Final on TV and BBC iPlayer, and Listen on Radio and BBC Sounds

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most anticipated events of the year, bringing together countries from across Europe and beyond in a celebration of music and culture. As the 68th Eurovision Song Contest approaches, anticipation is building for the Grand Final, set to take place on Saturday, 11th May 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about how to catch all the action on TV, BBC iPlayer, radio, and BBC Sounds.

Broadcasting Details

The Grand Final will be broadcast live on Saturday, 11th May 2024, starting at 8pm (BST). You can tune in to watch it on BBC One or stream it live on BBC iPlayer. Additionally, for those who prefer to listen, BBC Radio 2 and BBC Sounds will also be airing the event live.

Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest

Meet the Presenters

Hosting this year’s Eurovision Grand Final are the dynamic duo of Malin Åkerman and Petra Mede. Petra, a beloved Swedish comedian, returns to Eurovision for the third time, bringing her signature wit and charm to the stage. Joining her is Malin Åkerman, making her Eurovision hosting debut and adding her own flair to the festivities.

Commentary Team

For viewers in the UK, Graham Norton will be your guide through the excitement of the Eurovision 2024 Grand Final. With his sharp wit and infectious enthusiasm, Norton promises to keep audiences entertained throughout the evening. Meanwhile, on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Sounds, Scott Mills and Rylan will provide lively commentary for those tuning in on the airwaves.

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Spokesperson for the UK

Delivering the UK’s votes during the Grand Final is the esteemed actor Joanna Lumley. As a longtime fan of Eurovision, Lumley brings her own brand of elegance and charisma to the role of spokesperson, adding to the excitement of the evening.

Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest

Competing Countries and Running Order

A total of 26 acts will compete in the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final, representing countries from across Europe. From fan favorites to newcomers, the lineup promises to deliver an unforgettable night of music and entertainment. The running order for the Grand Final is as follows:

  1. Sweden – Marcus & Martinus – Unforgettable
  2. Ukraine – alyona alyona & Jerry Heil – Teresa & Maria
  3. Germany – ISAAK – Always On The Run
  4. Luxembourg – TALI – Fighter
  5. Netherlands – Joost Klein – Europapa (Disqualified)
  6. Israel – Eden Golan – Hurricane
  7. Lithuania – Silvester Belt – Luktelk
  8. Spain – Nebulossa – ZORRA
  9. Estonia – 5MIINUST x Puuluup – (nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi
  10. Ireland – Bambie Thug – Doomsday Blue
  11. Latvia – Dons – Hollow
  12. Greece – Marina Satti – ZARI
  13. United Kingdom – Olly Alexander – Dizzy
  14. Norway – Gåte – Ulveham
  15. Italy – Angelina Mango – La Noia
  16. Serbia – TEYA DORA – RAMONDA
  17. Finland – Windows95man – No Rules!
  18. Portugal – iolanda – Grito
  19. Armenia – LADANIVA – Jako
  20. Cyprus – Silia Kapsis – Liar
  21. Switzerland – Nemo – The Code
  22. Slovenia – Raiven – Veronika
  23. Croatia – Baby Lasagna – Rim Tim Tagi Dim
  24. Georgia – Nutsa Buzaladze – Firefighter
  25. France – Slimane – Mon Amour
  26. Austria – Kaleen – We Will Rave

Interval Acts and Special Performances

While the opening and interval acts remain a mystery, fans can look forward to special performances by past Eurovision winners, including Loreen, Charlotte Perrelli, Carola, and Conchita Wurst. Swedish pop sensations Alcazar will also reunite for a special performance, adding to the excitement of the evening.

Meet UK Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Act – Olly Alexander

Representing the United Kingdom in Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is the multi-award-winning music superstar Olly Alexander. With his song “Dizzy,” Olly aims to capture the hearts of audiences and deliver a performance that will be remembered for years to come.

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How Voting Works

During the Grand Final on Saturday, 11th May, viewers will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite acts as the songs are performed. This interactive voting system adds an extra layer of excitement to the event, allowing viewers to play a part in determining the winner.


How can I watch the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Grand Final if I’m not in the UK?

If you’re outside the UK, you can still stream the event live on the official Eurovision website or through your local broadcaster.

Can I vote for my own country in the Eurovision Grand Final?

No, viewers are not allowed to vote for the act representing their own country.

What happens if there’s a tie in the voting?

In the event of a tie, the winner is determined by the country with the highest number of points from the public vote.

Are there any age restrictions for voting in Eurovision?

Viewers must be at least 16 years old to vote in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Can I change my vote after submitting it?

Once you’ve submitted your vote, it cannot be changed, so choose wisely!

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