Downtown Great Falls: A Weekend Revival Through Vibrant Events

In the heart of Montana lies Downtown Great Falls, a hub of cultural resurgence and community spirit. This article explores the transformative power of weekend events that have breathed new life into the city center.

Embracing Community Through Festivities

Downtown Great Falls pulses with energy, thanks to a series of engaging events tailored to cater to both locals and visitors. One standout occasion is the Mimosa Showdown, a delightful gathering where establishments vie for the title of the best mimosa in town. This event not only tantalizes taste buds with innovative concoctions but also serves as a catalyst for boosting the patronage of local bars and restaurants.

Great Falls
Great Falls

Kellie Pierce, an advocate for Downtown Great Falls, emphasizes the role of such events in fostering a strong sense of community cohesion. She remarks, “Over the past decade, our city has witnessed remarkable growth, fueled by dedicated business owners who collaborate harmoniously. Together, we uplift each other, forging bonds that transcend mere commerce.”

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Great Falls: Honoring Those Who Serve

In addition to the effervescent Mimosa Showdown, Downtown Great Falls pays homage to the military community with Military Appreciation Days. Coinciding with Armed Forces Week, this initiative sees various downtown establishments extending their gratitude through exclusive discounts and specials for individuals with military identification.

Great Falls
Great Falls

“We are privileged to host Malmstrom Air Force Base in our midst,” Kellie expresses. “Our aim is to extend a warm welcome to those stationed here or who have chosen to make Great Falls their home post-retirement. It’s vital for them to feel embraced and to recognize Downtown as their own.”

Revitalizing Downtown, One Event at a Time

These events serve as integral components of the broader endeavor to rejuvenate Downtown Great Falls, instilling a renewed sense of vibrancy and camaraderie among its denizens. Through strategic collaborations and community-focused initiatives, the downtown area emerges as a thriving epicenter of activity and connection.

Specials for Military Personnel

The following establishments extend their appreciation to military personnel with exclusive discounts upon presentation of valid military ID:

  • Linda Michaels Salon and Spa: 25% off ALL retail products
  • The Blue Rose: 30% off storewide
  • Bighorn Outdoor Specialists: 20% off a pair of Darn Tough socks
  • Life In Bloom: 20% off all IN-STORE purchases
  • Clark and Lewie’s: 10% off on meals (year-round!)
  • The Block Bar & Grill: 20% off signature sandwich
  • Enbar: 20% off an appetizer
  • Mighty Mo Brewing Company: 20% off all DINE IN food and drinks
  • Ferrins Furniture: 5% off any marked item
  • Rise N’ Dine: 15% off all day every day
  • Kaufmans Menswear: 10% off on in-store merchandise
  • Grae + Co: 30% off
  • Elevation 3330: $2 off every item on the menu for anyone applicable
  • THRIVEcycle: 10% discount on class packs and memberships for all military
  • honey hippo. Play Cafe: Get $1 off any crafted drink – special “Red, White, & Berry Lemonade Lotus” available! Year-round military discount on open play!
  • Studio Barre: Free classes offered this week, and 25% off storewide
  • Electric City Coffee: Military discount with proof of military ID

Conclusion: A Thriving Downtown Oasis

In conclusion, Downtown Great Falls stands as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives and spirited events. Through a combination of festive gatherings and heartfelt gestures, the downtown area blossoms into a vibrant hub where residents and visitors converge, forging lasting connections amidst the backdrop of revitalization.

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1. What is the Mimosa Showdown?

The Mimosa Showdown is an annual event in Downtown Great Falls where bars and restaurants compete to create the best mimosa.

2. How can military personnel benefit from Military Appreciation Days?

Military personnel can enjoy exclusive discounts and specials at various downtown establishments by presenting valid military identification during Military Appreciation Days.

3. What is the significance of events like these for Downtown Great Falls?

Events like the Mimosa Showdown and Military Appreciation Days play a pivotal role in rejuvenating Downtown Great Falls, fostering community spirit, and boosting local businesses.

4. How can businesses in Downtown Great Falls participate in community events?

Businesses can collaborate with local organizers and associations to participate in and sponsor community events, thereby contributing to the downtown revival.

5. Are these events open to both residents and tourists?

Yes, these events are designed to cater to both residents of Great Falls and visitors alike, enhancing the overall experience of the downtown area.

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