Hilary Duff Welcomes Baby No. 4: ‘Pure Moments of Magic’

Hilary Duff, beloved actress and mother, has joyously welcomed her fourth child into the world. Townes Meadow Bair, born on May 3, made his grand entrance via water birth, marking another beautiful chapter in the Duff family’s journey.

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A Dream Come True

In an Instagram post adorned with heartfelt photos, Duff expressed her overwhelming joy at finally holding Townes in her arms. She described the past few days as “pure moments of magic,” emphasizing the love and adoration the family already feels for their newest member.

Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff

The Wait is Over

For months, Duff eagerly anticipated the arrival of her baby, a sentiment she humorously captured in a Christmas card announcement last December. Despite the challenges and discomforts of pregnancy, she radiated with excitement and anticipation, eagerly awaiting the moment when she could embrace her little one.

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A Growing Family

Townes joins the Duff-Bair-Comrie family alongside his loving parents, Hilary_Duff and Matthew Koma, and his siblings, Banks and Mae. With Luca, Duff’s older son from a previous marriage, the family is now complete, overflowing with love and laughter.

Anxieties and Anticipation

Throughout her pregnancy journey, Duff shared glimpses of her experience with her followers on social media. From playful captions to candid moments, she documented the ups and downs with authenticity and humor, endearing herself to fans around the world.

A Supportive Partner

Amidst the excitement and anticipation, Duff leaned on her husband, Matthew Koma, for unwavering support. Despite his own challenges, including a recent vasectomy, Koma stood by Duff’s side, demonstrating the strength of their bond and the power of love in overcoming obstacles.


Hilary_Duff’s journey to welcoming her fourth child has been filled with anticipation, excitement, and love. With Townes Meadow Bair’s arrival, the Duff family’s story continues to inspire and uplift, reminding us of the magic found in the simplest moments of life.


1. How many children does Hilary Duff have?

Hilary_Duff has four children: Luca, Banks, Mae, and Townes.

2. When was Townes Meadow Bair born?

Townes Meadow Bair was born on May 3 via water birth.

3. What did Hilary Duff announce her pregnancy with?

Hilary_Duff announced her pregnancy with an adorably hilarious Christmas card in December.

4. Who is Hilary Duff married to?

Hilary_Duff is married to Matthew Koma.

5. How does Hilary Duff describe her pregnancy experience?

Hilary_Duff describes her pregnancy experience as a mix of excitement, anticipation, and occasional anxieties.

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