Millie Bobby Brown Marries Jake Bongiovi in Secret Ceremony

Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown, 20, has secretly tied the knot with Jake Bongiovi, 22, the model son of rock legend Jon Bon Jovi. The young couple, who got engaged last year, made it official last weekend in the US.

A Love Story for the Ages

The Quiet Ceremony

Pals close to Millie and Jake revealed that the couple exchanged their vows in a discreet ceremony attended by close family members. The intimate affair took place in the US, with Millie’s parents and Jake’s rock star father, Jon Bon Jovi, in attendance.

Planning the Big Day

Millie shared that their wedding planning experience was unique and joyous. Unlike many brides who find the process stressful, Millie and Jake embraced every moment. They captured each planning milestone with photos, celebrating their journey together.

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown

Jon Bon Jovi’s Support

Echoes of the Past

Jon Bon Jovi expressed his support for the young couple, drawing parallels to his own early marriage to Dorothea in 1989. He praised Millie for her hard work and dedication, confident that with family support, Millie and Jake will thrive together.

Family Ties

Jon’s familiarity with Millie over the past year reassured him of their decision. He believes that their journey mirrors his own, albeit at an accelerated pace, and anticipates a bright future for them.

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A Modern Fairytale

From Dating to Engagement

Millie and Jake began their romantic journey in 2021. Their love story quickly blossomed, leading to an engagement last spring. Jake’s proposal was nothing short of cinematic, involving a ring hidden inside a shell during a scuba dive.

A Proposal to Remember

The proposal, however, wasn’t without its dramatic moments. Millie recounted how the ring fell off her finger and plummeted into the depths, prompting Jake to dive after it. Despite the diver’s warnings, Jake’s determination showcased his deep commitment.

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown

Planning with Love and Joy

Teamwork and Excitement

Throughout the wedding planning process, Millie and Jake worked as a team. They enjoyed every second of it, a testament to their readiness and excitement for their future together. Their approach turned what is often a stressful time into a joyous experience.

Capturing the Moments

Millie emphasized how they documented each step of the planning process, creating lasting memories. This practice not only made the experience fun but also reflected their enthusiasm and love for each other.

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown

The Bigger Ceremony Ahead

Future Celebrations

While their recent ceremony was a private affair, Millie and Jake are planning a larger celebration later this year. This upcoming event will allow them to share their joy with more friends and family, solidifying their union.

With all the paperwork done, their recent vows marked their legal union. The low-key ceremony was a romantic gesture, reflecting their desire for an intimate and meaningful celebration.

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Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi’s secret wedding is a heartwarming tale of young love and family support. Their journey from dating to engagement and now marriage has been filled with memorable moments and shared joy. As they plan their larger ceremony, the couple looks forward to a future filled with love, happiness, and continued support from their families.


When did Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi get married?

Millie and Jake got married last weekend in a private ceremony in the US.

How did Jake Bongiovi propose to Millie Bobby Brown?

Jake proposed during a scuba dive by putting a ring inside a shell.

Who attended Millie and Jake’s wedding?

The wedding was attended by close family members, including Jon Bon Jovi and Millie’s parents.

Are Millie and Jake planning another wedding ceremony?

Yes, they are planning a larger ceremony later this year in the US.

How did Jon Bon Jovi react to Millie and Jake’s marriage?

Jon Bon Jovi supported their decision, comparing it to his own early marriage and expressing confidence in their future together.

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