Rachael Wolfson Senior Reflection at Walter Johnson

Rachael Wolfson: As the youngest of four children, I observed my siblings navigate through high school, and I always wondered what my own experience at Walter Johnson High School would be like. After four remarkable years, I can confidently say it was everything I had hoped for and more.

Memories at Walter Johnson

The Pitch: My Proudest Achievement

One of my most cherished memories from high school is writing for our school newspaper, The Pitch. Working with my fellow staff members after school to finalize each issue was a unique experience that I will never forget. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Mrs. Borrelli, who made The Pitch a special place. Her support and warm presence turned The Pitch into a welcoming community. Having her as a teacher for all four years was a true blessing.

Cross Country and Track: A Lifelong Bond

Rachael Wolfson: Another highlight of my high school years was being part of the cross country and track teams. Running with such an incredible team brought me immense joy and formed some of my closest friendships. My teammates could make me smile through anything, even the grueling mile repeats. Coach Marty transformed cross country and track into more than just sports; he created a tight-knit family and a supportive community.

The Gilmore Girls Club: A Fun Escape

Rachael Wolfson: One of the more unconventional yet memorable aspects of my high school experience was co-founding The Gilmore Girls Club. While it may not have been the most serious club, it was a delightful escape from the daily grind. Every Friday, I looked forward to feeling like I was stepping into Stars Hollow, sharing laughs and stories with fellow club members over our favorite TV show.

High School as a Small Town

Rachael Wolfson: In many ways, high school felt like a small town, similar to Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls. We saw the same faces every day and followed familiar routes to our classes. Some of these classmates had been with us since elementary school. Graduating and moving on to college feels like leaving this small, close-knit town where we grew up together.

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The Special Time Called High School

Why High School is Like a Movie

Rachael Wolfson: There’s a reason why so many great movies are set in high school. Although high school is brief, it is a significant time in our lives. It’s often the first opportunity for many to join something bigger than themselves, whether it’s a sports team, a club, a band, or the school newspaper. Each of these groups serves the same purpose: to represent and enhance our school community.

Valuable Advice for Incoming Freshmen

One piece of advice I have for incoming freshmen is to be yourself. High school flies by, so enjoy every moment and take it all in. As Ferris Bueller wisely said, “If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Don’t waste your time trying to fit in. Pursue activities that genuinely interest you and spend time with people you truly like. We only go through high school once, so make it count by being true to yourself.

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Nostalgia and Reflection

Rachael Wolfson Early Nostalgia

Rachael Wolfson: My sister once told me that I experience nostalgia before it’s even possible. For example, when September ended, I felt sad because the first month of our senior year was already over. Now, as we approach the final days of high school, I find it hard to say goodbye to something so special. When my friends count down the days until graduation, I cover my ears because I can’t bear to hear it.

Rachael Wolfson
Rachael Wolfson

Cherishing the Memories

Rachael Wolfson: However, my brother always reminded me during these times of sadness, “Don’t be sad it’s over. Be glad it happened.” Or, as Dr. Seuss put it, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Whenever I feel a bit teary-eyed about the end of high school, I remind myself of how grateful I am for the wonderful experiences at Walter Johnson. Although it’s sad to close this chapter, it’s important to remember that many more chapters await us.

Conclusion: Looking Forward On Rachael Wolfson:

As we prepare to graduate and move on to new adventures, it’s essential to cherish the memories we’ve made. High school has been a remarkable journey filled with friendships, accomplishments, and growth. While it’s difficult to say goodbye, I’m excited for the future and the opportunities it holds. Walter Johnson High School has given us a strong foundation, and I’m thankful for every moment.


1. What was your favorite memory from high school?

My favorite memory was working on The Pitch, our school newspaper, with my fellow staff members and our supportive advisor, Mrs. Borrelli.

2. How did being part of the cross country and track teams impact you?

Being part of the cross country and track teams helped me build lifelong friendships and taught me the value of perseverance and teamwork.

3. What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

I would advise incoming freshmen to be themselves and engage in activities that genuinely interest them. High school goes by quickly, so it’s important to enjoy every moment.

4. How did the Gilmore Girls Club enhance your high school experience?

The Gilmore Girls Club provided a fun and relaxing escape from the daily stresses of high school, allowing me to bond with friends over a shared love for the TV show.

5. How do you feel about graduating and moving on from high school?

While it’s bittersweet to leave high school behind, I’m excited about the future and the new opportunities that await us. High school has been a wonderful chapter, and I’m grateful for all the memories.

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