Ryan Garcia’s Bombshell: Bobbi Althoff’s Alleged Relationship with Drake Sparks Divorce Controversy

In recent times, the boxing world has been rocked by the controversial statements of Ryan Garcia, who has taken to social media to make some startling claims. Among these claims, one that stands out is his allegation regarding the real reason behind the divorce of renowned podcaster and influencer, Bobbi Althoff.

The Text Message Leak and Surprising Confessions

Ryan Garcia, a boxer and social media influencer, recently made headlines by leaking text messages exchanged between him and popular streamer and podcaster Bobbi Althoff. These messages, exchanged before their scheduled podcast episode, hinted at an intriguing interaction between the two.

Later, Garcia took to his official Twitter account to reveal that he had kissed Bobbi, describing the experience as “cool” and praising her kissing skills. However, the bombshell came when Garcia alleged that Bobbi’s divorce was a result of her alleged physical relationship with famous pop star Drake.

Ryan Garcia: The Controversial Figure

This isn’t the first time Ryan Garcia has made headlines for his controversial remarks. Just days before this revelation, he stirred the pot by hinting at a romantic involvement with reality TV star Kylie Jenner.

Exploring Ryan Garcia’s Achievements and Net Worth

Ryan Garcia is not only known for his controversial statements but also for his impressive achievements in the boxing ring. As a professional lightweight boxer, he boasts a remarkable record of 24 wins and only one loss. However, his undefeated streak came to an end when he faced Gervonta Davis in 2023, who defeated him via a liver punch in the seventh round. Despite this setback, Garcia’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $20 million, according to reports by Marca.

Ryan Garcia's
Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia’s Boxing Record

Let’s take a closer look at Ryan Garcia’s illustrious boxing record:

  • Ryan Garcia vs Edgar Meza – Win
  • Ryan Garcia vs Luis Lozano – Win, TKO1
  • Ryan Garcia vs Cristian Cruz Chacon – Win, UD4
  • Ryan Garcia vs Jonathan Cruz – Win, TKO2
  • Ryan Garcia vs Mario Aguirre – Win, TKO2
  • Ryan Garcia vs Jose Antonio Martinez – Win, KO2
  • Ryan Garcia vs Devon Jones – Win, KO2
  • Ryan Garcia vs Tyrone Luckey – Win, TKO2
  • Ryan Garcia vs Mario Macias – Win, KO1
  • Ryan Garcia vs Miguel Carrizoza – Win, KO1
  • Ryan Garcia vs Cesar Valenzuela – Win, TKO3
  • Ryan Garcia vs Noe Martinez – Win, TKO8
  • Ryan Garcia vs Fernando Vargas Parra – Win, KO1
  • Ryan Garcia vs Jayson Velez – Win, UD10
  • Ryan Garcia vs Carlos Morales – Win, MD10
  • Ryan Garcia vs Braulio Rodriguez – Win, KO5
  • Ryan Garcia vs Jose Lopez – Win, TKO2
  • Ryan Garcia vs Romero Duno – Win, KO1
  • Ryan Garcia vs Francisco Fonseca – Win, KO1
  • Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell – Win, TKO7 (Won WBC interim lightweight title)
  • Ryan Garcia vs Emmanuel Tagoe – Win, UD12
  • Ryan Garcia vs Javier Fortuna – Win, KO6
  • Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Davis – Loss, KO7
  • Ryan Garcia vs Oscar Duarte – Junior lightweight – Win


Ryan Garcia’s recent revelations about Bobbi Althoff’s alleged relationship with Drake have sent shockwaves through the boxing and social media communities. Whether these claims hold any truth remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Garcia’s knack for stirring controversy shows no signs of waning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Ryan Garcia’s claims backed by evidence?
    • While Ryan Garcia has made bold allegations, the evidence supporting his claims remains unclear.
  2. How has the public reacted to Garcia’s statements?
    • The public response has been mixed, with some expressing skepticism while others eagerly await further developments.
  3. What impact will this controversy have on Bobbi Althoff’s reputation?
    • Only time will tell how Bobbi Althoff’s reputation will be affected by these allegations and whether they prove to be true or not.
  4. Has Drake responded to these allegations?
    • As of now, Drake has not publicly commented on the allegations made by Ryan Garcia.
  5. Will there be any legal repercussions for Garcia’s statements?
    • It’s unclear whether Ryan Garcia’s statements could lead to legal action, as it depends on various factors, including the veracity of his claims.

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