Sean Kingston Fraud Charges: Arrest and SWAT Raid Details

Rapper Sean Kingston has found himself in hot water yet again. The Jamaican-American artist, famous for his 2007 hit “Beautiful Girls,” was arrested in California on fraud charges. This development follows a dramatic SWAT raid on his South Florida mansion, which resulted in the arrest of his mother. This article delves into the details of the incident, the legal troubles surrounding Kingston and his mother, and the implications for their future.

The SWAT Raid and Arrest

The Raid on the South Florida Mansion

On a seemingly ordinary day in South Florida, a dramatic turn of events unfolded at Sean Kingston’s 14,000-square-foot mansion in Southwest Ranches, a high-end suburb of Fort Lauderdale. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office conducted a SWAT raid, arresting Kingston’s 61-year-old mother, Janice Turner, and seizing a van load of items from the property.

Kingston’s Arrest in California

Hours after the raid, Sean Kingston was arrested in California on a Florida warrant. The arrest took place near Fort Irwin, an Army base located about 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles. Kingston was apprehended without incident and is currently awaiting extradition to Florida.

Kingston’s legal troubles are not new. According to Florida Department of Corrections records, he is currently serving a two-year probation sentence for trafficking stolen property. However, details on this conviction remain sparse.

Sean Kingston fraud charges
Sean Kingston fraud charges

Charges Against Kingston and His Mother

Broward County prosecutors have declined to release specific details about the charges against Kingston and his mother, citing an ongoing investigation. However, it’s clear that the allegations are serious, involving significant fraudulent activities.

Kingston’s Social Media Response

Instagram Post and Deletion

Before his arrest, Kingston took to Instagram to address the situation. He posted, “People love negative energy! I am good, and so is my mother! … My lawyers are handling everything as we speak.” This post was later removed, adding to the mystery and speculation surrounding the case.

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Defense Prepared by Robert Rosenblatt

Robert Rosenblatt, the attorney representing Kingston and his mother, expressed confidence in addressing the allegations in court. He stated, “We are aware of some of the allegations being made against the two. We look forward to addressing these in court and are confident of a successful resolution for Shawn and his mother.”

Background on Janice Turner

Previous Convictions

Janice Turner, Kingston’s mother, is no stranger to legal issues herself. In 2006, she pleaded guilty to bank fraud for stealing over $160,000 and served nearly 1.5 years in prison. She is currently being held at the Broward jail on a $160,000 bond.

Sean Kingston fraud charges
Sean Kingston fraud charges

Sean Kingston’s Musical Career

Rise to Fame

Sean Kingston, whose legal name is Kisean Anderson, shot to fame in 2007 with his chart-topping single “Beautiful Girls.” He followed this success with other hits like “Take You There” and his collaboration with Justin Bieber on “Eenie Meenie.”

Career Setbacks

Despite his early success, Kingston’s career has faced numerous setbacks. In 2011, he suffered near-fatal injuries in a personal watercraft accident. Additionally, he hasn’t had a major label release in over a decade, leading to speculation about his career’s decline.

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Connection to Justin Bieber

Allegations Involving Bieber

An attorney who witnessed Janice Turner’s arrest revealed that part of the detentions relates to a lawsuit against Kingston. The lawsuit alleges that Kingston defrauded a Florida company that installed a massive 232-inch television in his home, valued at $150,000. Kingston had promised that he and Justin Bieber would do commercials for the company in exchange for a lower down payment and credit.

Bieber’s Involvement Denied

Despite Kingston’s claims, attorney Dennis Card clarified that Bieber is not involved in the fraudulent activities. He stated, “He is 100% not involved in this. He had the misfortune of doing some work in the past with Sean, and Sean Kingston drops his name like crazy.”

The Lawsuit Details

Ver Ver Entertainment’s Claims

The lawsuit, filed by Ver Ver Entertainment, accuses Kingston of failing to fulfill his payment and promotional promises. According to the lawsuit, Kingston paid $30,000 for the TV installation but never completed the commercials or further payments, despite numerous assurances.

The Impact on Kingston’s Reputation

Public Perception and Media Coverage

The recent events have further tarnished Kingston’s reputation. Media coverage of the raid and arrests has painted a negative picture, with many questioning the authenticity of his public persona. The spectacle of expensive sports cars surrounding his mansion during the raid has only fueled public skepticism.

Attorney Dennis Card’s comment, “It is amazing what you can get away with if you are a celebrity,” highlights the often-controversial privileges associated with celebrity status. Kingston’s case serves as a reminder that fame does not exempt individuals from the law.

Awaiting Court Resolution

Kingston and his mother are set to face the charges in court. While their attorney remains optimistic about a favorable outcome, the legal process will undoubtedly be closely watched by the public and media.

Potential Consequences

If convicted, Sean Kingston could face significant penalties, including possible imprisonment and hefty fines. The same applies to his mother, who is already dealing with a substantial bond.


Sean Kingston’s arrest and the subsequent SWAT raid on his Florida home have brought his legal troubles to the forefront. With serious fraud charges looming over him and his mother, the future remains uncertain for the once-popular rapper. As the legal proceedings unfold, only time will tell how this saga will impact Kingston’s life and career.


1. What are the charges against Sean Kingston?

The specific charges have not been disclosed by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office due to the ongoing investigation, but they involve serious allegations of fraud.

2. Why was Janice Turner, Kingston’s mother, arrested?

Janice Turner was arrested during the SWAT raid on Kingston’s mansion. She faces charges related to fraudulent activities and is being held on a $160,000 bond.

3. How did Kingston respond to the allegations on social media?

Kingston initially posted on Instagram, stating that he and his mother were fine and that their lawyers were handling the situation. However, he later deleted the post.

4. What is the lawsuit involving the 232-inch television about?

The lawsuit, filed by Ver Ver Entertainment, claims that Kingston defrauded the company by failing to make full payment and not fulfilling promotional promises for the $150,000 TV installation.

5. What impact could these legal issues have on Kingston’s career?

The legal issues and negative media coverage could further damage Kingston’s already declining career, affecting his public image and future opportunities.

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