Star-Studded Roster of Unbridled Eve 2024: A Gala Extravaganza in Louisville

The Countdown Begins: 150th Kentucky Derby and Unbridled Eve Galore Eve 2024

As the anticipation builds for the 150th edition of the Kentucky Derby, the festivities of Derby eve parties are set to commence. Among these, the illustrious Unbridled Eve at the Galt House in downtown Louisville stands out as a beacon of glamour and excitement, slated for May 3rd.

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A Star-Studded Lineup of Performers

Richie Sambora

Renowned as the lead guitarist and co-founder of Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora promises a mesmerizing performance that will resonate with fans of rock music.

Marc Martel

Joining the ranks is Marc Martel, whose captivating vocals featured prominently in the blockbuster “Bohemian Rhapsody,” alongside Freddie Mercury & Rami Malek.

Treach of Naughty by Nature

A four-time Grammy Award-winning rapper, Treach of Naughty by Nature is set to ignite the stage with his infectious energy and lyrical prowess.


Nominated for a Grammy Award in 2018, MAJOR. brings his soulful melodies and R&B vibes to the Unbridled Eve stage, promising an unforgettable experience.

Skip Martin

With a Grammy under his belt, Skip Martin, known for his contributions to Kool & The Gang and Dazz Band, adds a touch of funk and soul to the evening.

John Elefante

Former lead singer of Kansas and Grammy winner, John Elefante, brings his powerhouse vocals and timeless hits to serenade the audience.

J.D. Shelburne

Country music aficionados are in for a treat as J.D. Shelburne takes the stage, promising a memorable performance that celebrates the heart and soul of Americana.

The Louisville Crashers

Known for their high-energy performances and eclectic repertoire, The Louisville Crashers guarantee a night of non-stop entertainment and infectious rhythms.

DJ 2nd Nature

Keeping the party alive with electrifying beats and seamless mixes, DJ 2nd Nature ensures that the dance floor remains packed throughout the evening.

Youth Choir from Holy Spirit School

Directed by Susan Johnston and Lacy Williams, the mixed-grade youth choir adds a touch of innocence and charm to the festivities with their angelic voices Eve 2024.

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A Galaxy of Celebrities, Musicians, and VIPs Eve 2024

Eve 2024
Eve 2024

Rauw Alejandro

Hailing from Puerto Rico, Grammy Award nominee Rauw Alejandro brings his Latin flair and magnetic stage presence to Unbridled Eve, promising a fusion of culture and music.

Chef Edward Lee

Renowned for his culinary expertise and innovative creations, award-winning chef Edward Lee tantalizes taste buds with his delectable offerings at the gala.

Randy Travis

A true legend in country music, Grammy winner Randy Travis shares his timeless classics and heartfelt ballads, captivating audiences with his soulful performances.

Dean Norris

Best known for his roles in “Breaking Bad” and “Under the Dome,” Dean Norris adds a touch of Hollywood glamour to the star-studded affair.

Lisa Leslie

Olympic gold medalist and former WNBA player Lisa Leslie graces Unbridled Eve with her presence, inspiring guests with her achievements on and off the court.

Warren Moon

NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon brings his gridiron greatness to the gala, mingling with guests and sharing tales from his illustrious career.

Madison Marsh

As Miss America 2024 and active-duty U.S. Air Force member, Madison Marsh embodies grace, beauty, and patriotism, captivating hearts wherever she goes.

Hanley House

Named Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2024, Hanley House shines as a beacon of youth empowerment and leadership.

John Schneider

From “The Dukes of Hazzard” to “The Masked Singer,” John Schneider’s multifaceted talents light up the stage and screen, captivating audiences worldwide.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Former NBA player and UK standout, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, brings his athletic prowess and charisma to Unbridled Eve, leaving a lasting impression on sports fans.

Johnny Edwards

As the second lead singer of Foreigner, Johnny Edwards serenades the crowd with his iconic hits and timeless classics, transporting guests to rock ‘n’ roll paradise.

Bob Guiney

From “The Bachelor” to talk show host, Bob Guiney charms guests with his wit, charm, and infectious personality, ensuring a night filled with laughter and joy.

Aron Haddad

With a background in acting and professional wrestling, Aron Haddad brings a unique blend of athleticism and showmanship to Unbridled Eve, captivating audiences with his larger-than-life presence.

Conrad Bachmann

Actor and founder of the Louisville Film Arts Institute, Conrad Bachmann celebrates the magic of cinema and storytelling, inspiring the next generation of filmmakers.

Rob Angel

As the founder of Pictionary and accomplished author, Rob Angel shares his journey of creativity and entrepreneurship, igniting inspiration in aspiring innovators.

Nick Vallelonga

Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Nick Vallelonga, renowned for “Green Book,” shares his insights into the art of storytelling and filmmaking, captivating Eve 2024 audiences with his tales from Hollywood.

Harry Douglas IV

Former NFL wide receiver and U of L alumni Harry Douglas IV adds a touch of gridiron glory to the gala, reminiscing about his days on the football field and beyond.

Festus Ezeli

Former NBA player with the Golden State Warriors, Festus Ezeli, brings his championship pedigree and infectious enthusiasm to Unbridled Eve, inspiring guests Eve 2024 with his journey to the top of the basketball world.

Bonnie-Jill Laflin

As the first female NBA scout, reporter, podcaster, and author, Bonnie-Jill Laflin breaks barriers and empowers women in sports, sharing her passion for the game with fans around the world.

Michael Colyar

With his comedic genius and infectious laughter, Michael Colyar entertains guests with his hilarious anecdotes and side-splitting jokes, ensuring a night filled with laughter and joy.

Dee Dee Sorvino

Television personality and host of the podcast “Drinks with Dee,” Dee Dee Sorvino engages guests with her charm, wit, and infectious energy, sparking lively conversations and memorable moments.

Jean Cruguet

As a former Triple Crown winner on Seattle Slew, Jean Eve 2024 Cruguet shares his insights into the world of horse racing, captivating audiences with tales from the track and beyond.

Larry Demeritte

Breaking barriers as the first black trainer to qualify for the Kentucky Derby, Larry Demeritte inspires aspiring athletes and trainers with his trailblazing journey in the world of horse racing.

VIPS/Celebrities with Local Ties Eve 2024

Eve 2024
Eve 2024

Mario Urrutia

Former NFL wide receiver Mario Urrutia celebrates his local roots and athletic achievements, inspiring the next generation of athletes with his journey from Eve 2024 the gridiron to the gala.

Kentucky Derby Festival Court

Representing the spirit and tradition of the Kentucky Derby, the festival court adds a touch of elegance and pageantry to Unbridled Eve, embodying the essence of Derby festivities.

Madalyne Kinnett, MeShyia Bradshaw, Mackenzie Shutt

As ambassadors of beauty and grace, Miss Kentucky USA 2023 Madalyne Kinnett, Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2023 MeShyia Bradshaw, and Miss Ohio USA 2023 Eve 2024 Mackenzie Shutt shine as symbols of poise and confidence.

Dr. Ajmal Zemmar

Pioneering advancements in epilepsy and functional neurosurgery at U of L, Dr. Ajmal Zemmar shares his expertise and insights into the complexities of the human brain, inspiring hope and healing in patients worldwide.

Chris Blandford

As a bourbon expert for Kroger, Chris Blandford shares his passion for Kentucky’s signature spirit, educating guests on the art of bourbon making and tasting.

Shannon Burton

Former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition finalist and Victoria’s Secret social media model influencer, Shannon Burton captivates hearts with her beauty, Eve 2024 grace, and charm, embodying the essence of glamour and style.

Ethan the Dog

As a compassion ambassador, Ethan the Dog spreads love and joy wherever he goes, touching hearts with his loyalty, warmth, and boundless affection.

Heather French Henry

Former Miss America Heather French Henry graces Unbridled Eve with her elegance and grace, inspiring guests with her dedication to philanthropy and advocacy.

Akoy Agau

Former UofL basketball player Akoy Agau celebrates his alma mater and athletic achievements, inspiring young athletes with his dedication, Eve 2024 perseverance, and leadership on and off the court.

The McFarlands

As social media entertainers, The McFarlands bring laughter and joy to millions of followers worldwide, sharing their adventures and antics with a global audience.

Valerie Combs

Pioneering U of L women’s basketball player Valerie Combs celebrates her athletic achievements and contributions to women’s sports, inspiring young girls to dream big and reach for the stars.

Michael Bush

Former NFL running back and U of L standout Michael Bush shares his journey from the gridiron to the gala, inspiring young athletes with his resilience, determination, and passion for the game.

Geneo Riley

Former NFL tight end and President of NFLPA Retired Players, Geneo Riley champions the rights and welfare of retired athletes, advocating for their health, wellness, and financial security.

Bilal Powell

Former NFL running back Bilal Powell celebrates his athletic achievements and contributions to the game of football, inspiring young athletes to pursue their Eve 2024 dreams with passion and dedication.

Tonya York/Tammy York Eve 2024

Eve 2024
Eve 2024

Co-Founders of Unbridled Eve Derby Gala, Tonya York and Tammy York epitomize the spirit of hospitality and celebration, bringing people together to create unforgettable memories and moments of joy.


As the excitement builds for the 150th Kentucky Derby and the star-studded Unbridled Eve gala, anticipation reaches fever pitch. With a lineup that includes musical legends, Hollywood stars, sports icons, and local luminaries, the stage is set for an Eve 2024 unforgettable evening of entertainment, elegance, and excitement. Join us as we celebrate the magic of the Derby season and toast to an evening of glamour and grandeur at Unbridled Eve.

Eve 2024
Eve 2024


Q1: How can I attend Unbridled Eve?

A1: Tickets for Unbridled Eve can be purchased through the official website or authorized ticketing partners.

Q2: Is Unbridled Eve open to the public?

A2: Yes, Unbridled Eve is open to the public, offering guests the opportunity to mingle with celebrities, enjoy live performances, and experience the excitement of Derby eve festivities.

Q3: Are there VIP packages available for Unbridled Eve?

A3: Yes, VIP packages are available for Unbridled Eve, offering exclusive access to premium amenities, VIP lounges, and celebrity meet-and-greet opportunities.

Q4: Can I volunteer at Unbridled Eve?

A4: Yes, volunteering opportunities may be available for Unbridled Eve. Interested individuals can inquire through the official website or contact event organizers for more information.

Q5: What should I wear to Unbridled Eve?

A5: Guests are encouraged to dress in formal attire, adhering to the theme of elegance and sophistication. Cocktail dresses, suits, and formal evening wear are all suitable options for this glamorous gala event.

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