Afroman reprises his famous song, "Because I Got High," with a new version called "Hunter Got High."

The song pokes fun at Hunter Biden, son of President Biden, and his alleged involvement in influence-peddling.

Afroman sings about Hunter's troubles, including the infamous laptop scandal and alleged cocaine found in the White House.

The song also mocks Hunter's art career, which has faced criticism for potential conflicts of interest.

Afroman references Ukraine and China, suggesting Hunter's actions were influenced by his drug use.

Baste Records, founded by Matthew Azrieli, promotes itself as a counter to cancel culture.

The song humorously suggests that Hunter's choices have led to unexpected consequences.

Afroman sings about Hunter's association with wealthy buyers and potential ties to the White House.

The video features an actor portraying Hunter Biden and takes a satirical approach to current events.

"Hunter Got High" adds a comedic twist to serious allegations surrounding the Biden family.

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