Anne Hathaway was surprised  by Nicholas Galitzine's  appearance.

Hathaway giggled upon seeing Galitzine's blonde hair.

She didn't understand  Galitzine's frosted tips.

Galitzine explained he had dyed  his hair blonde for a role.

Hathaway joked about light radiating from Galitzine, but he attributed it to peroxide.

Hathaway and Galitzine star in  "The Idea of You," available on  Prime Video.

Galitzine felt proud of his chemistry read with Hathaway despite initial hesitations.

He was asked to bring a song and convince Hathaway to dance during the chemistry read.

Galitzine was overjoyed to be  cast as "Hayes" in the film.

Their chemistry was evident from  the start, making the audition enjoyable.

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