Apple will introduce AI features at its developers conference, focusing on practical tools for daily use.

Apple AI strategy, Project Greymatter,  will integrate AI tools into core apps  like Safari, Photos, and Notes.

AI processing will be handled both  on-device and via the cloud,  depending on the task's complexity.

New Apple AI features include transcribing voice memos, retouching photos, and improving web searches  and message replies.

Siri will get an upgrade with more  natural interactions using Apple’s  large language models.

Generative AI will create custom  emojis based on user texts, offering  new emojis for various occasions.

A revamped iPhone home screen  will allow users to change app icon  colors and placement.

Smart recaps will summarize missed notifications, messages, web pages,  and other media.

Apple is partnering with OpenAI to integrate advanced chatbot features  into iOS 18.

Despite playing catch-up, Apple’s  massive user base could make it  a leading player in AI.

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