Peter David's Star Wars: Infinities story was deemed "too dark" by Lucasfilm and Dark Horse Comics.

"Nothing Was Delivered" explores unpublished comic book projects, revealing why they didn't materialize.

Dark Horse Comics introduced Infinities, a series of alternate reality Star Wars stories, in 2001.

Star Wars: Infinities: A New Hope #1 explores a timeline where the Rebel Base on Yavin 4 is destroyed.

Leia Organa survives, but other Rebels perish, leading to a  darker turn of events.

Luke Skywalker and Han Solo help Leia break free from the Empire's brainwashing.

The series was originally  intended to be written by  Peter David.

David's plans for the story were considered too grim for  publication.

His twisted storyline involved  Leia becoming Darth Vader.

Despite not being published,  David's concept remains a  fascinating "what if" scenario  in Star Wars lore.

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