Ashanti's Big Surprise Ashanti and Nelly's unexpected duet steals the show.

10th Anniversary Bash The magical performance happened at E11EVEN's party. 

Pregnancy Glow Ashanti, glowing with pregnancy, wows the crowd.

Nelly Joins In Nelly joins the celebration, making it extra special. 

Heartwarming Reunion Fans cheer as the former couple shares the stage. 

Musical Chemistry The duo's chemistry is alive, creating unforgettable moments. 

Surprise Twist Attendees were thrilled by the unexpected musical reunion. 

Celebration of Love The performance adds love vibes to the anniversary festivity. 

Joyous Atmosphere The crowd erupts in joy during the surprise duet. 

Memorable Night E11EVEN's anniversary party becomes an unforgettable memory. 

The Young and the Restless: Explosive Rivalry and Secrets Unveiled!