Chita's Journey Begins Chita Rivera's amazing life starts in 1933 in Chichicastenango.

Dance Takes Center Stage She waltzes through life, making waves in the dance world. 

Broadway Brilliance Broadway becomes Chita's playground: she shines in every act. 

Chichicastengo's Pride Despite fame, Chita remains connected to her Chichicastenango roots. 

Decades of Dance From the '50s to 2024, Chita Rivera keeps dancing through the ages. 

Awards Galore Awards flock to Chita like dance partners – a true icon. 

Challenges Faced Life's twists and turns only make Chita stronger. 

Legacy in Motion Chita's impact on dance echoes through generations. 

Chichicastenango Remembers Her hometown celebrates Chita's remarkable journey. 

Farewell to a Legend Chita Rivera's legacy lives on as she bids adieu in 2024. 

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