A viral video shows Chrissy Teigen  and John Legend entering a photo  booth while a group of women  were using it.

The incident occurred at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's 60th Anniversary party in New York City.

The women in the booth were reportedly waiting for 30 minutes to use it before being interrupted by Chrissy and John.

Social media users criticized Chrissy  and John, calling them "entitled"  and "rude."

Some people defended the couple,  noting it was unclear how long the women had been using the booth.

Despite the awkward situation, one of  the women took a photo with John  during the event.

Chrissy Teigen made facial expressions that appeared to show disgust towards the women.

Chrissy and John announced the loss  of their third child, Jack, in  October 2020.

Chrissy later revealed that the procedure to remove Jack was technically an abortion.

Chrissy shared her regrets about going public with the abortion and not  holding Jack longer.

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