Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied, married for 11 years, have officially divorced after quietly separating eight months ago.

The divorce was finalized in France, where the couple lived with their children Aleph (12) and Amalia 

Natalie filed for divorce in July, following reports of an extramarital affair by Millepied in May 2023. 

Despite a challenging year, Portman emerged stronger, finding joy in family, friends, and work. 

The couple prioritized a smooth transition for their children, staying united in public appearances. 

Millepied made efforts to reconcile, while Portman focused on protecting her children and privacy. 

Both navigated heavy work commitments, with Millepied choreographing Dune: Part Two, and Portman working on various projects.

The couple, intensely private, never publicly addressed speculation surrounding their marriage. 

Portman and Millepied first met on the set of Black Swan in 2010, married in 2012, but are now embracing a new normal. 

Despite hoping for a forever marriage, Natalie is at peace and focused on the next chapter as a family. 

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