Elon Musk 'rewards will increase significantly' after MisterBeast 

Elon Musk responds to MrBeast's request to put it on his video 

Musk followed this up by saying that in 2024, “Creator Rewards will   increase significantly.”

MrBeast said X didn't pay enough to justify uploading that video. 

In less than a year, 80,000 creators have been paid through the   platform's advertising revenue sharing program.

MrBeast's real name is Jimmy Donaldson and he also tweeted about the video appearing on the new YouTube, "Go watch it, or I'll kick you." 

MrBeast said, "My videos cost millions to make and they may have   got a billion views on X but I won't get a fraction of that."

Creators are doubtful whether X will be able to compete with YouTube   in terms of earnings or not.

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