Flash and Green Lantern Alive in Kill The Justice League Leak 

- There were rumours circulating before to the game's release that post-launch story material will include the Justice League. 

- Whatever the case, Wonder Woman will be the only one returning if the widely held notion proves correct. 

- Batman's Adventures in Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Is Cool, Actually Suicide Squad's Batman's fate 

- Batman in the crosshairs of a Suicide Squad sniper Take down the Justice League. 

-  Honestly, it's implied by the name. We may have overestimated the permanentity of those fatalities. 

-  A hero we thought we'd lost has been set free from Brainiac's depravity, much like the Flash did before him. 

- Kill Suicide Squad According to the Justice League leak, Flash and Green Lantern made it through. 

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