Comedian Gary Owen shares struggles  in family life, revealing insights as a white comedian in the Black comedy scene.

Owen describes estranged relationship with racist biological father who fed his ex-wife "dirt" during their divorce.

Raised by abusive stepfather, Owen feared replicating negative behavior  in his own family.

Owen felt conflicted between male role models - abusive stepfather and disappointing biological father.

Despite initial distance, Owen and his father grew closer after fame but rifts resurfaced during divorce.

Owen recalls encountering his father's disapproval during a Reds game amid divorce proceedings.

Father's actions during divorce  included public Facebook posts supporting Owen's ex-wife.

Owen and ex-wife Kenya Duke finalized their divorce in March 2021 after  23 years together.

Owen admits to infidelity, initiating divorce in Ohio while Duke filed in California.

Owen expresses longing to reconnect with his children amid allegations of being a deadbeat father.

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