Gypsy Rose Blanchard is suing a blogger named April Johns, who she met as Franchesca Macelli. 

Gypsy is accusing Johns of fraud, breach of contract, unjust enrichment, defamation, and false light. 

Macelli approached Gypsy and her family in 2017 with a media partnership proposal. 

Gypsy signed a life rights agreement  with Macelli, hoping to make money  from her story. 

Gypsy shared medical records and  crime scene photos with Macelli  for potential projects.

Macelli never produced any projects, leading Gypsy and her family to cut  ties with her. 

Gypsy claims Macelli started a hate campaign against her and her  family online.

Macelli allegedly posted Gypsy’s confidential medical records  and false stories. 

Gypsy believes Macelli’s actions  are harming her reputation and  wants it to stop. 

Gypsy is seeking an emergency restraining order to stop Macelli  from talking about her. 

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