Is Midjourney without Discord Possible? 

We all know Midjourney which can generate an AI Image and does next level work. 

However, many people have this question because we can use Midjourney only in Discord, can we do without it? 

There's no way you can use MidJourney without Discord right now, with options like DALL-E and other AI art generators like Stable Diffusion relying on Discord. 

MidJourney currently relies entirely on Discord, so you'll need a Discord account if you want to use it. 

Discord MidJourney provides a highly social environment for users. The MidJourney team faced confusion about the system and chose Discord as a means of debugging. 

You can add Midjourney to your Discord server, Midjourney bot has to be added to it and through it you have to give commands, it will create many images for you. 

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