Japan Record Awards 2023: Newzines and Enhypen win awards 

K-pop has taken center stage at the prestigious 2023 Japan Record Awards. 

Newgins won not just one, but two awards, while Enhypen achieved a   historic win at the prestigious awards show.

Newzines, Enhypen made history at the 2023 Japan Record Awards 

Before ENHYPEN, BTS and SEVENTEEN had won the award, which was   launched in 2020.

Newzines won two major awards at the 65th Japan Record Awards and newbie girl group Ditto won the Outstanding Work Award. 

Launched in 1959, the Japan Record Awards is one of the oldest and most prestigious music awards shows held in Japan. 

2023 Japan Record Awards

The 65th edition of the Japan Record Awards was held on December 30,   2023 at the New National Theater in Tokyo.

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