Jewel's upbringing in rural Alaska shaped her early exposure to  yodeling and sculpture.

She found inspiration in Amedeo Modigliani's sculptural  painting style.

Sculpture became a creative  outlet for Jewel, influencing  her songwriting process.

Coping with her father's struggles  and leaving home at 15, Jewel  turned to art for healing.

Her music career soared with  the release of "Pieces of You"  in the 1990s.

Despite fame, Jewel experienced burnout and took a break from  music in 2014.

Art remained a constant in Jewel's life, even during periods of songwriting hiatus.

"The Portal: An Art Experience" focuses on art therapy and  mental wellness.

Jewel emphasizes the harmony between mind, body, and spirit  for emotional balance.

The exhibit features immersive  art experiences and showcases Jewel's own visual art.

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