JoJo's Bizarre Adventure might  adapt the iconic Steel Ball Run  arc into an anime.

The animation director of the  previous season hinted at a  potential Steel Ball Run adaptation.

Steel Ball Run is renowned for  its captivating storyline and characters.

The arc is set in America in 1890 and revolves around a massive cross-country horse race.

The race stretches from San Diego, California, to New York City, New York.

The winner earns $2,000,00 0 based on checkpoint  placements.

Characters like Gyro Zeppeli,  Johnny Joestar, Diego Brando, Pocoloco, and Sandman add  depth to the story.

Gyro aims to win the race with his mysterious steel ball, while JoJo seeks to uncover its secrets.

Challenges from other racers  make the competition intense.

Fans eagerly await official confirmation of the Steel Ball  Run adaptation.

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