Kendrick Lamar responds to Drake with diss track "Euphoria."

The track addresses fallout from Lamar's verse on "Like That."

Lamar accuses Drake of being a "scam artist" and a "master manipulator."

He criticizes Drake for using AI  to manipulate Tupac Shakur's  vocals.

Lamar emphasizes that the feud is  not about critics or gimmicks  but about love and hate.

His response comes over a month after Drake's initial diss.

Drake released "Push Ups" and  "Taylor Made Freestyle" in  response to Lamar's verse.

"Taylor Made Freestyle" was taken down after threats of a lawsuit  from Shakur's estate.

J. Cole also responded to Lamar  in a collaboration with Drake.

J. Cole later regretted his response and removed it from streaming platforms.

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