Filmmaker Sam Mendes is making  four movies about each member  of The Beatles. 

The movies will feature Harris Dickinson as John Lennon, Paul Mescal as Paul McCartney, Charlie Rowe as George Harrison, and Barry Keoghan as  Ringo Starr. 

The casting is not yet officially  confirmed. 

All four movies will be released  in 2027. 

The movies will tell the life story  and career of each Beatle. 

Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and the families of John Lennon and George Harrison have agreed to let the movies use their life stories and music. 

Producer Pippa Harris calls this  project a unique and epic  cinematic experience. 

Sam Mendes is excited to tell the story  of the greatest rock band of all time. 

Previous movies about The Beatles include "Nowhere Boy" and "Chapter 27." 

The new biopics will have full access  to The Beatles' music rights  and life stories. 

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