Mo'Nique criticizes Oprah and Tyler Perry using racially-charged language.

She curses at Oprah and Tyler  Perry during a comedy show.

Mo'Nique encourages audience to insult Oprah and Tyler Perry.

She mocks Oprah Winfrey, calling  her "simple-minded" and a  "raggedy bitch."

Mo'Nique questions Oprah's relationship with Gayle King.

She refuses to apologize for  her remarks.

Mo'Nique accuses Oprah and Tyler Perry of "blackballing" her in Hollywood.

The feud stems from  Mo'Nique's refusal to  promote the film "Precious."

Mo'Nique claims Tyler Perry  admitted to sabotaging her career.

The feud has lasted over 15 years  and continues to escalate.

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