If you want to use Valentine's Day to plant seeds of distrust between   you and a partner, 

I might suggest Ruben Outland’s “Force Majeure.”  

The plot revolves around a family on a ski trip in the French   Alps. 

The sourness in Albert brook’s “Modern Romance” starts from its very   opening scene, a painfully awkward breakup 

Brook’s character Robert Cole compares the “no-win” situation of his relationship with Mary Harvard (Kathryn Harrold) to “Vietnam.”  

Ostensibly, the rest of “Modern Romance” is about Robert and Mary   finding their way back to one another after Robert quickly 

But Brooks is far too neurotic and cynical for it to be as simple as   that.  

“Modern Romance” is essentially a (very funny) portrait of a man   spiraling over a relationship he tells us in the first minutes of the movie   is doomed. 

Many British bloggers and online critics described Valentine's Day as   "an American copycat version of Love Actually" 

Focusing on how Valentine's Day, like Love Actually, has an all-star   cast whose characters' storylines intertwine with one another. 

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