OpenAI has been losing employees focused on AI safety for months.

Leaders of the superalignment team,  Ilya Sutskever and Jan Leike,  have left OpenAI.

Since November, at least five more safety-conscious employees have  quit or been pushed out.

Many safety-minded employees lost  faith in CEO Sam Altman.

Ex-employee Daniel Kokotajlo quit due  to a loss of trust in OpenAI’s  responsible handling of AGI.

Disagreements with OpenAI’s  leadership priorities led to  Jan Leike’s resignation.

Employees leaving OpenAI fear its  rapid pursuit of powerful AI  could be dangerous.

Altman’s fundraising with autocratic regimes raised safety concerns.

Seven employees tried to push for  greater safety but ultimately left due  to loss of faith in leadership.

The superalignment team is now hollowed out, raising concerns about OpenAI’s future safety focus.

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