Princess Diana wore a stunning midnight-blue slip dress designed by John Galliano for her 1996 Met Gala debut.

Her appearance at the Met Gala transformed her into an international celebrity, marking her as the first British royal to attend the event.

Princess Diana's dress symbolized her newfound freedom after her divorce from Prince Charles.

The intricate lace detailing and matching robe completed her iconic look at the Met Gala.

Princess Diana's friend Christian Dior named a purse after her, known as the  Lady Dior purse.

The 1996 Met Gala theme honored fashion designer Christian Dior, with Galliano leading the label at the time.

Princess Diana had reservations about her dress, particularly regarding her son Prince William's potential embarrassment.

Despite her concerns, attending the Met Gala was an opportunity for Princess Diana to celebrate her friend Dior's vision and gain stardom.

Princess Diana successfully expressed herself through her dress, showcasing her longing for freedom.

Her Met Gala appearance became one of the most iconic moments in the event's history.

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