Rings of Power season 2 faces a risky trend with a potential summer 2024 release. 

Despite a successful first season, heavy criticism poses a challenge for the series. 

Season 2 announcement and the possibility of a summer release may worsen the situation. 

House of the Dragon's second season releasing in June 2024 poses a competitive threat. 

Both series, Rings of Power and House of the Dragon, are fantasy spinoffs with guaranteed future seasons. 

The initial expectation of a significant gap between the releases now seems uncertain. 

Rings of Power's success is debated, contrasting with House of the Dragon's definitive positive reception. 

Criticism for season 1 and a lower completion rate among viewers raise concerns for season 2. 

A potential clash in the summer of 2024 could impact Rings of Power's viewership negatively. 

Prime Video may consider a fall 2024 release to avoid direct competition with House of the Dragon. 

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