Secure Boot Ensures Trusted Software:  It prevents harmful software from running on your computer during startup.

Required for OS Upgrades and Modern Games: Essential for Windows OS upgrades and running contemporary games like Valorant.

Default Setting on New Laptops and Windows 11 Desktops: Secure Boot is usually enabled by default on new devices.

Accidental Disabling: Users might accidentally install Windows 11 without enabling Secure Boot or disable it while adjusting settings.

Simple Checking Process: Verify if Secure Boot is enabled by searching "System Information" and checking the status.

Accessing PC's BIOS: To enable Secure Boot, restart your PC, access the BIOS through Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > UEFI Firmware Settings.

Locating Secure Boot Option: Find the Secure Boot option in the Boot or Security tab of your PC's BIOS.

Switching from Disabled to Enabled: Change the Secure Boot option from Disabled to Enabled using the dropdown menu.

Saving Changes: Save and exit BIOS settings by pressing F10 or following your BIOS instructions.

Disable Secure Boot If Needed: The process can be reversed if you ever need to disable Secure Boot.