Sydney Sweeney is known for her marketing genius in sleeper  romcoms, following Netflix's lead.

She's transitioned from her role in Euphoria to becoming a scream queen.

Sydney is set to portray Christy Martin, the 'Female Rocky,' in an upcoming project.

Christy Martin was a welterweight champion who trained with Don King, facing struggles including spousal abuse.

Sweeney is excited to transform her body for the role, having trained in grappling and kickboxing in her youth.

The project aims to shed light on  Martin's rise in female boxing and  her struggles with fame and abuse.

Director David Michôd is  helming the project.

Sweeney anticipates a rigorous physical regimen and diet for the role.

She looks forward to interviews focusing on substance rather than appearance.

The project offers an opportunity for Sweeney to challenge herself and  delve into a powerful, emotional story.

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