The highs and lows of music in 2023!

Taylor's Takeover: Taylor Swift's "Eras Tour" dominates   2023, breaking records and earning her widespread acclaim. 

Mega-Tour Comeback: Beyoncé, Swift, and others revive mega-tours, showcasing   a return to live music post-pandemic. 

Concert Chaos: Unruly fans disrupt shows, causing injuries to artists like Bebe Rexha and prompting Adele to address the issue.  

Dolly Goes Rock: Dolly Parton's rock debut, "Rockstar,"   featuring icons like Paul McCartney, tops charts. 

Last Beatles Song: "Now and Then" releases, featuring   AI-restored vocals from John Lennon, marking the 'last' Beatles track. 

Rihanna's Halftime Triumph: Rihanna's Super Bowl Halftime Show becomes the most-watched ever, revealing her second pregnancy.  

Britney's Memoir: Britney Spears releases "The Woman in Me,"   detailing her conservatorship and becoming a bestseller. 

Jann Wenner's Exit: Rolling Stone co-founder Jann Wenner faces   criticism and expulsion for disparaging remarks. 

Health Hiatus: Springsteen, Capaldi, Madonna, and Dion take breaks due to health concerns.  

Country Music's Debate: Luke Combs and Jason Aldean spark debates about country music's identity in 2023. 

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