The meme originated from a playful joke featuring Justin Timberlake on Tumblr in 2012.

It gained viral fame due to its catchy phrase 'It's gonna be May!' printed on an April calendar page.

Timberlake joined the meme trend  in 2020, showcasing his  participation in internet culture.

In a 2023 interview, Timberlake revealed the origin of the misheard lyric 'may' instead of 'me.'

A producer suggested the change, likely influenced by NSYNC's Swedish songwriters.

Timberlake appreciated the unconventional use of English in NSYNC's songs.

He joked about the meme's global phenomenon during the interview.

The meme resurfaces annually as May approaches, flooding social media timelines.

Timberlake unwittingly became a lasting muse for internet humor through the meme.

The meme continues to evoke laughter and nostalgia across the internet.

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