Tom Selleck almost missed a chance to dance with Princess Diana.

Selleck, John Travolta, and Clint Eastwood were among the few  actors on Diana's guest list.

Selleck recalls the iconic dance between Travolta and Diana at the 1985 White House Dinner.

A British woman urged Selleck to  cut in on Travolta during  Diana's second dance.

Selleck refused to cut in on Travolta  but danced with Diana before their  third spin.

Selleck found Diana to be lovely  and somewhat shy during  their encounter.

He confessed his lack of dancing  skills to Diana but found  her to be gracious.

Selleck's wife, Jillie Mack, also  danced with Diana's then-husband, Prince Charles.

John Travolta fulfilled Diana's fantasy  of dancing with him at the White  House.

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