Whoopi Goldberg lost a significant amount of weight, equivalent  to almost two people.

Diabetes medications like Mounjaro  and Ozempic contributed to  her weight loss.

Goldberg realized the extent of her  weight gain when a reviewer thought  she wore a fat suit for a role.

Playing Mamie Till-Mobley’s mother, Goldberg weighed nearly 300  pounds.

Weight gain was not a concern until realization struck, shifting her perspective.

Goldberg discusses her struggles  with addiction in her new memoir,  "Bits and Pieces: My Mother,  My Brother, and Me."

She reflects on underestimating the dangers of cocaine during her  addiction.

A pivotal moment made her realize  she had hit rock bottom.

Goldberg shares her journey with addiction and recovery on The  Kelly Clarkson Show.

She emphasizes the importance of acknowledging one's struggles  and seeking help.

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