Anyone But You: A Rom-Com Sensation Taking the Box Office by Storm

Anyone But You: A Romantic Comedy Triumphs at the Box Office

In the enchanting world of cinema, where love meets laughter, “Anyone But You” has emerged as a delightful surprise. Directed by the talented Will Gluck, this $25 million-budget romantic comedy has not just captured hearts but also conquered the global box office, crossing a whopping $30 million mark in just eight days.

The Tale Unfolds

A Coffee Shop Encounter

Picture this: a bustling Boston coffee shop, where fate plays its hand, bringing together Bea, a law student at Boston University, and Ben. Their encounter sets the stage for a memorable day filled with shared laughter and a night intertwined with dreams.

Anyone But You
Anyone But You

The Morning After

But, ah, the twist! Bea, played by the brilliant Sydney Sweeney, slips away in the morning, leaving Ben, portrayed by the charming Glen Powell, still dreaming. Months pass, and they meet again, this time at the wedding of Bea’s sister, Claudia.

Sibling’s Wedding Reunion

As emotions swirl and jealousy creeps in, the complexity of their relationship deepens. Yet, in the grand finale of this cinematic journey, Bea and Ben find their way back to each other, sealing their destiny as a couple once more.

Box Office Triumph

Opening Day Extravaganza

Anyone But You
Anyone But You

“Anyone But You” hit the silver screen on December 22, 2023, raking in an impressive $1.2 million on its opening day, setting the tone for a triumphant journey.

Weekend Magic

The magic continued into the weekend, with a remarkable $2.2 million on the second day and an outstanding $9 million for the entire opening weekend.

Unexpected Turns

However, expectations clashed with reality on December 24, as the projected $7.5 million for the four-day opening weekend fell short, leaving the makers with $1.2 million from Thursday previews.

Rankings and Recognition

In the competitive box office arena, “Anyone But You” made its mark, securing the sixth position in the overall rankings. Stiff competition from the likes of #WonkaMovie, #AquamanAndTheLostKingdom, and #TheColorPurple couldn’t overshadow its charm.

Buzzing Pop’s Take

According to Buzzing Pop, the film, starring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, debuted at an impressive #4 at the box office, clinching $9 million over the four-day holiday weekend.

The Financial Snapshot

By December 24, the film had already amassed $8.5 million, with the overall collection projected to soar to $50 million, proving its mettle as a box office sensation.

Cast & Crews: Behind the Magic

Stellar Performances

The brilliance of “Anyone But You” extends beyond the storyline. With a stellar cast led by Sydney Sweeney, Glen Powell, Alexandra Shipp, GaTa, and Hadley Robinson, every character comes to life, adding depth and charm to this romantic escapade.

The Creative Minds

The creative genius behind the scenes includes director Will Gluck and writer Ilana Wolpert, who drew inspiration from William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” Producers Will Gluck and Joe Roth orchestrated this cinematic masterpiece, showcasing their prowess.

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Cinematic Symphony

Cinematography by Danny Ruhlmann and editing by Tia Nolan weave the visual tapestry, while the musical notes, orchestrated by Este Haim and Chris Stracey, add the perfect harmony to this 103-minute spectacle.

The Powerhouse Production

A collaborative effort by Columbia Pictures, Roth/Kirschenbaum Films, SK Global, Fifty-Fifty Films, and Olive Bridge Entertainment, “Anyone But You” found its wings under the capable distribution of Sony Pictures Releasing.

In Conclusion

“Anyone But You” is more than a rom-com; it’s a journey of love, laughter, and unexpected twists. As the box office numbers soar and the audience continues to be captivated, this cinematic gem stands tall, proving that sometimes, in the world of cinema, all you need is love, laughter, and a touch of magic.

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