Anyone But You: The Surprising Literary Inspiration Behind Anyone But You

Rom-com enthusiasts, rejoice! Anyone But You has finally arrived on streaming platforms. This sleeper hit, initially released theatrically in December, boasts a stellar cast including Sydney Sweeney from Euphoria and Glen Powell of Top Gun Maverick fame (although fans might recognize him better from Netflix’s Set It Up). This R-rated enemies-to-lovers tale unexpectedly soared at the box office, fueled by a savvy social media blitz and whispers of an off-screen romance (which Sweeney promptly debunked). Joining Sweeney and Powell are Alexandra Shipp from Barbie, Rachel Griffiths from Brothers & Sisters, Darren Barnet of Never Have I Ever, Michelle Hurd from Star Trek: Picard, and rom-com legend Dermot Mulroney, famous for his role in My Best Friend’s Wedding.

The Rise of Anyone But You

While recent years have seen fewer romantic films in theaters, audiences flocked to Anyone But You, craving its light-hearted comedy amidst a sea of franchises and spin-offs. Director Will Gluck attributes part of the film’s success to the communal experience of watching it in theaters.

The Literary Roots

One intriguing aspect of Anyone But You is its deep literary inspiration, drawing heavily from William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Shakespeare’s enduring popularity, spanning over four centuries, lends weight to the film’s narrative.

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Exploring the Plot

The storyline revolves around Bea (portrayed by Sweeney) and Ben (played by Powell), whose paths intersect in a charming coffee shop encounter. A series of mishaps leads them to a destination wedding in Australia, where they devise a plan to fake a relationship amidst family drama and the specter of past romances.

Shakespearean Influence

Anyone But You
Anyone But You

The film’s plot loosely mirrors that of Much Ado About Nothing, echoing the classic tale of enemies turned lovers. Screenwriter Ilana Wolpert expertly modernized Shakespeare’s work, infusing it with humor and relatability.

Key References

Throughout the movie, subtle nods to Shakespeare abound, from graffiti bearing lines from Romeo and Juliet to book titles referencing Much Ado About Nothing. These references enrich the viewing experience, adding layers of depth and intrigue.

Streaming Availability

Originally released in theaters, Anyone But You is now accessible for streaming on various platforms, including YouTube, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video. Netflix subscribers can also enjoy the film, with a release date set for April 23.

Anyone But You
Anyone But You

Box-Office Triumph

Despite a lukewarm reception during its opening week, Anyone But You gained momentum thanks to viral TikTok videos and rumors of a real-life romance between the lead actors. Its global box-office earnings far surpassed expectations, cementing its status as a blockbuster hit.

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Potential Sequel?

While fans clamor for a sequel, the studio remains noncommittal. However, the chemistry between Sweeney and Powell leaves the door open for future collaborations, even if not in a direct sequel.

Anyone But You
Anyone But You


Anyone But You stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of romantic comedies, blending Shakespearean charm with modern sensibilities. Its unexpected success highlights the timeless allure of love, laughter, and a sprinkle of literary magic.


1. Is Anyone But You available on Netflix?

Yes, the film is set to stream on Netflix from April 23.

2. Who stars in Anyone But You?

The cast includes Sydney Sweeney, Glen Powell, Alexandra Shipp, and others.

3. What is the literary inspiration behind Anyone But You?

The film draws from William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

4. Will there be a sequel to Anyone But You?

While unconfirmed, there’s potential for future projects starring the lead actors.

5. Where can I watch Anyone But You?

The film is available for streaming on YouTube, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, and soon, Netflix.

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