Box to Box Films Riveting Sports Documentaries You Can Stream on Netflix

Experience the thrill of exhilarating racing, last-gasp winners, and incredible feats of endurance and strength with Box to Box Films. Discover some of the best sports docuseries of the past five years, exclusively available on Netflix. Below are all the captivating sports documentaries on Netflix from Box to Box Films.


Since 2019, starting with Formula One, it’s thanks to the incredible production teams at Box to Box Films that Netflix has become one of the best platforms for sports docuseries. With unprecedented access to behind-the-scenes of some of the world’s most popular sports and their athletes, Box to Box Films has made what happens behind the curtain into must-watch television.

F1: Drive to Survive (Sports Documentaries)

Total Seasons: 6 | Total Episodes: 60
Sport: Motor Racing | Runtime: 40 Minutes

Sports Documentaries

Before Drive to Survive, fans had never been given the opportunity to see in detail what happens behind the scenes during a Formula One season. Fans have been able to view interviews and understand the thoughts and feelings of the drivers and those working behind the scenes. Drive to Survive helped revitalize some of the passion fans had lost for the sports, but the true beauty was its ability to introduce a brand new audience to Formula One and create new fans.

Thanks to the dominance of three-time champion Max Verstappen (2021-2023), there was less enthusiasm for Drive to Survive season 6. However, the 2024 F1 season is far more competitive, making for a far more entertaining seventh season.

Full Swing (Sports Documentaries)

Total Seasons: 2 | Total Episodes: 16
Sport: Golf | Runtime: 45 Minutes

Sports Documentaries

Over the past few years, the world of golf has seen one of the most radical changes in its history, thanks to the introduction of LIV Golf, a new golf tour that rivals the PGA. Full Swing dips its toes into the world of the breakaway group but mostly follows all of the drama of the PGA tour. For two seasons, fans of the PGA have been able to follow some of their favorite golfers as they compete at the majors on some of the most iconic courses in the sport.

The series features professional golfers such as Justin Thomas, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, and Matt Fitzpatrick. But just like other Box-to-Box Film docuseries, we also get the insight of journalists, broadcasters, and families as the drama unfolds across the tour.

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Break Point (Sports Documentaries)

Total Seasons: 2 | Total Episodes: 16
Sport: Tennis | Runtime: 50 Minutes

Sports Documentaries

Break Point gave Netflix audiences a more in-depth look into what makes the incredible athletes of the Tennis world tick.

Each episode gives us unprecedented access to tennis stars like Nick Kyrgios, Maria Sakkari, Taylor Fritz, Casper Rudd, and plenty more. We even get insight from the trainers, who feature retired and legendary professionals such as Maria Sharapova and Toni Nadal, the father of 22 grand-slam singles title winner Rafael Nadal.

During the regular calendar season, tennis stars compete worldwide, hoping to win the prestigious Grand Slam titles at the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open.

Tour de France: Unchained (Sports Documentaries)

Total Seasons: 2 | Total Episodes: 16
Sport: Cycling | Runtime: 45 Minutes

Sports Documentaries

Even if you aren’t a cycling enthusiast, you’ve more than likely heard of the Tour de France, the biggest event of the calendar year in the world of professional cycling. Across most of July, 22 teams will compete in 21 day-long stages, traveling over 2,200 miles by the end of the competition, taking them through the beautiful French countryside, the mountains of the Pyrenees and Alps, and the city of light, Paris.

Competing in the Tour de France is an incredible feat of endurance, but only one can wear the yellow jersey by the end of the race. If you cannot keep up with the competition but find yourself intrigued, then make sure to give Tour de France: Unchained a try instead.

Six Nations: Full Contact (Sports Documentaries)

Total Seasons: 1 | Total Episodes: 8
Sport: Rugby | Runtime: 48 Minutes

Sports Documentaries

One of the best annual competitions in Europe, the Six Nations is a competition between the international rugby teams of England, France, Ireland, Italy, and Wales. Featuring the likes of England’s Ellis Genge, France’s Gaël Fickou, and Scotland’s Finn Russell, each episode focuses on the challenges facing each nation as their teams prepare to face off in a battle of strength and endurance across eighty grueling minutes on the rugby pitch.

Sprint: The World’s Fastest Humans (Sports Documentaries)

Total Seasons: 1 | Total Episodes: 6
Sport: Athletics | Runtime: 45 Minutes

What does it mean to be the fastest human on planet Earth? Every sprinter strives to become immortalized as they dream of World and Olympic Gold Glory, but even more so, the dream to break world records. Sprint focuses on the world’s fastest athletes, Sha’Carri Richardson, Noah Lyles, Shericka Jackson, and more, as they compete for national gold and world titles while preparing to compete in the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympic Games.


Box to Box Films has revolutionized the sports documentary genre on Netflix. By providing unprecedented access and insight into the lives of athletes and the intricate workings of their sports, they have created must-watch television that captivates audiences worldwide. Whether you’re a fan of motor racing, golf, tennis, cycling, rugby, or athletics, Box to Box Films has something for everyone.


What is Box to Box Films known for?

Box to Box Films is renowned for producing high-quality sports documentaries with unprecedented behind-the-scenes access.

Which was the first documentary by Box to Box Films on Netflix?

The first documentary was “F1: Drive to Survive,” which premiered in 2019.

Are there any upcoming seasons for these documentaries?

Yes, fans can look forward to new seasons, especially for “F1: Drive to Survive,” with the competitive 2024 season promising more excitement.

Which sports are covered by Box to Box Films on Netflix?

The documentaries cover a range of sports, including motor racing, golf, tennis, cycling, rugby, and athletics.

Why are Box to Box Films documentaries so popular?

Their popularity stems from the detailed, behind-the-scenes access they provide, allowing viewers to connect with the athletes and their sports on a deeper level.

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