Bumblebee Lego Transformers Set Joins Optimus Prime

Two years after Bumblebee Lego thrilled fans with a buildable model of Optimus Prime that actually transformed, the beloved Autobot leader is finally getting some backup. Bumblebee, his loyal second-in-command, is debuting as a 950-piece Lego set that transforms into a Volkswagen Beetle—or at least a close approximation.

A Nod to the ’80s: Bumblebee Lego Iconic Transformation

In recent years, Bumblebee has become widely recognized for his transformation into a bright yellow Chevrolet Camaro, thanks to the blockbuster Transformers movies. However, true fans know that in the original ’80s toy line and animated series, Bumblebee’s alternate vehicle mode was the iconic Volkswagen Beetle. Sticking to these roots, Lego’s Bumblebee harks back to the classic design, albeit with a modern twist.

Bumblebee Lego
Bumblebee Lego

Lego’s Creative Take on the VW Beetle

Staying True to the Original

While Lego has a history of creating authentic brick-built models of Volkswagen’s Beetle, the Bumblebee set takes some creative liberties. The vehicle mode of Bumblebee features hints of classic Citroën and Peugeot designs, offering a fresh yet nostalgic look.

Bumblebee Lego
Bumblebee Lego

Comparing to the Original Toy

Hasbro’s original Bumblebee toy wasn’t an exact replica of the VW Beetle either. This creative freedom might actually enhance Lego’s interpretation, making it more appealing to collectors who grew up with the original Transformers toys.

Transforming Bumblebee: Easier Than Ever

A Simpler Transformation Process

Bumblebee Lego
Bumblebee Lego

Modern Transformers toys can sometimes feel as complex as solving a Rubik’s Cube. However, converting Lego’s Bumblebee between robot and vehicle modes seems to be a less frustrating experience. Although Lego hasn’t detailed the exact number of steps, it’s expected to be more user-friendly.

Bumblebee Lego
Bumblebee Lego

A Minor Compromise

One minor caveat in the transformation process is the removal of Bumblebee’s windshield. It needs to be taken off completely to switch between vehicle and robot modes. To make up for this, Lego has cleverly designed the windshield to transform into a jetpack, adding a fun and imaginative twist.

Bumblebee Lego
Bumblebee Lego

Exciting Accessories and Features

Display Plaque and Stats

The set includes a display plaque listing Bumblebee’s stats. While fans might debate his strength and firepower being rated at a mere two and one, respectively, his courage stands strong at a solid 10.

Buildable Ion Blaster

Alongside the jetpack, Bumblebee comes with a buildable ion blaster, adding to the set’s playability and display options.

Bumblebee Lego
Bumblebee Lego

The Sticker Dilemma

A Necessary Evil

Few Lego enthusiasts enjoy the task of applying stickers. However, Bumblebee’s set includes a couple of cute bumper stickers and a vanity license plate, making the painstaking process a bit more rewarding.

Bumblebee Lego
Bumblebee Lego

Affordable and Accessible

Pricing and Availability

The Bumblebee Lego set is priced at $89.99, €89.99, or £79.99, which is almost $100 cheaper than the 1,508-piece Optimus Prime set. It will be available starting July 1st for Lego Insiders, a free loyalty program, and from July 4th for everyone else.

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Comparing with Optimus Prime

The price difference makes the Bumblebee set a more accessible option for fans who might have been deterred by the higher cost of the Optimus Prime set.

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Lego’s new Bumblebee set is a delightful blend of nostalgia and modern design, capturing the essence of the beloved Autobot. With its creative transformation process, fun accessories, and affordable price, it’s sure to be a hit among both young builders and seasoned collectors.


1. What makes the Lego Bumblebee set unique?

The Lego Bumblebee set stands out with its 950-piece design, which allows it to transform into a Volkswagen Beetle. It also includes creative features like a windshield that turns into a jetpack.

2. How does the Lego Bumblebee compare to the Optimus Prime set?

While the Optimus Prime set has more pieces and a higher price tag, the Bumblebee Lego set offers a more affordable option with a similar level of detail and playability.

3. Is the transformation process difficult?

The transformation process for the Lego Bumblebee is designed to be user-friendly, though it does involve removing and reattaching the windshield.

4. What accessories are included with the Bumblebee set?

The set includes a display plaque with Bumblebee stats, a buildable ion blaster, and a windshield that transforms into a jetpack.

5. When will the Lego Bumblebee set be available?

The set will be available on July 1st for Lego Insiders and on July 4th for the general public.

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