Can Netflix Save ‘Your Honor’? Fans Demand a Thrilling Season 3

Your Honor has been rocking the Netflix top 10 charts since its addition to Netflix in the United States, leading many to look to the streamer to revive the show that first aired on Showtime.


Since its addition to Netflix in May 2024, Your Honor has captivated audiences, climbing the streaming service’s top 10 charts and sparking a renewed interest in the series. With the show originally airing on Showtime, fans are now turning to Netflix, hoping for a revival of the gripping legal drama starring Bryan Cranston.

The Arrival of Your Honor on Netflix

Netflix in the United States licensed the first two seasons of Your Honor in late May 2024. This move was part of a broader strategy by Netflix to fill gaps in its content slate caused by last year’s Hollywood strikes and to capitalize on competitors’ willingness to license their content for additional revenue. The addition of Your Honor to Netflix was a significant win for the streaming giant, especially given the show’s previous success on Showtime.

Boost in Popularity

The show’s arrival on Netflix gave it a substantial boost in popularity. Bryan Cranston himself promoted the series’ addition to Netflix on his social media profiles, further driving viewer interest. As a result, Your Honor quickly climbed the Netflix top 10 charts, remaining there for over 30 days.

The Show’s Journey So Far

Your Honor initially premiered as a limited series on Showtime. However, due to its success, the network decided to extend it for a second season. Despite its popularity, Showtime ultimately decided not to renew the series for a third season, leaving fans disappointed.

Cancellation or Natural Conclusion?

The decision not to renew Your Honor for a third season was not a cancellation in the traditional sense. Bryan Cranston explained on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast that the series was always intended to be a limited run. The second season was an unexpected bonus for fans, but the story had reached a natural conclusion with Cranston’s character back in prison.

Potential for a Revival

Despite Showtime’s decision, there is still hope for fans. Cranston mentioned in April 2023 that there had been discussions about continuing the story, indicating that Showtime showed some interest in exploring further possibilities. However, over a year has passed with no concrete updates.

Performance on Netflix

The performance of Your Honor on Netflix has been impressive. According to FlixPatrol, the show has consistently appeared in the United States’ top 10 since its addition, amassing a significant number of viewing hours.

Your Honor

Viewer Statistics

In its first week, the show garnered 20.7 million viewing hours, ranking 10th. The following week, it saw a 16% increase, with 24.1 million hours viewed, climbing to the 7th spot. These numbers indicate a strong and engaged audience, which bodes well for the possibility of a revival.

Social Media Buzz

The show’s popularity on Netflix has sparked a wave of social media campaigns, with fans taking to Twitter and Facebook to express their desire for a third season. While such campaigns have rarely influenced Netflix’s decision-making in the past, the consistent performance and viewer engagement could make a difference this time.

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Challenges of a Revival

Reviving Your Honor would not be without challenges. The ending of season 2 and Cranston’s preference for not returning as the lead would require a significant reworking of the storyline. Netflix has successfully revived other shows like Lucifer and Manifest, but these instances are rare and typically driven by strong viewer metrics.

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Other Shows Seeking Revival

Your Honor is not the only show on Netflix in 2024 vying for a revival. Other series, such as Act Your Age, Warrior, and Scavengers Reign, have also seen increased interest after being licensed to Netflix. This trend suggests a growing opportunity for Netflix to capitalize on popular, yet concluded, shows.

The Future of Your Honor

The strong performance of Your Honor on Netflix indicates that there is potential for a revival. However, whether Netflix will take the plunge depends on a variety of factors, including viewer engagement, storyline possibilities, and Cranston’s involvement.


Your Honor has found a new life on Netflix, capturing the attention of viewers and sparking conversations about a potential third season. While the future of the show remains uncertain, the dedicated fan base and impressive viewing numbers provide a glimmer of hope. Whether Netflix decides to revive the series will depend on careful consideration of the show’s potential and the feasibility of continuing the story in a compelling way.


1. Why was Your Honor not renewed for a third season by Showtime?

Your Honor was originally intended to be a limited series. The second season was an unexpected addition, and the story reached a natural conclusion, leading Showtime to not pursue a third season.

2. How has Your Honor performed on Netflix?

Since its addition to Netflix, Your Honor has consistently appeared in the top 10 charts, amassing millions of viewing hours and maintaining strong viewer engagement.

3. Could Netflix revive Your Honor for a third season?

Given the show’s performance on Netflix and the strong fan interest, there is potential for a revival. However, it would require significant storyline reworking and possibly Bryan Cranston’s involvement in a different capacity.

4. What other shows on Netflix are seeking a revival?

Other shows such as Act Your Age, Warrior, and Scavengers Reign have also seen increased interest after being licensed to Netflix, leading to discussions about potential revivals.

5. How can fans influence Netflix’s decision to revive Your Honor?

While social media campaigns rarely influence Netflix’s decisions, strong viewer engagement and consistent performance in the top 10 charts can make a significant impact.

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