DeMarcus Lawrence’s Anime Football Dream Team: A Visionary Draft

In the world of NFL, where passion for football runs deep, there exists a parallel love for anime and manga among players. From the Green Bay Packers’ Jamaal Williams to the Seattle Seahawks’ John Reid, and even the New Orleans Saints’ Cameron Jordan, the league boasts individuals equally fervent about Japanese animation as they are about gridiron glory.

DeMarcus Lawrence: An Anime Enthusiast on the Field

DeMarcus Lawrence, renowned defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys and four-time Pro Bowl champion, stands out as one of the most ardent anime aficionados among NFL players. His passion transcends mere fandom; Lawrence has left his mark by designing custom anime-inspired cleats and even gracing the stage as a presenter at the prestigious Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

A Conversation from Japan: Lawrence’s Anime Picks

In an exclusive interview with Polygon from Japan, Lawrence delved into his love for anime, singling out Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation as his recent favorite. This series, based on a light novel by Rifujin na Magonote and illustrator Shirotaka, struck a chord with Lawrence. The tale of Rudeus, who gets a second chance at life after reincarnation, resonated deeply with the athlete’s own journey towards professional football.

DeMarcus Lawrence
DeMarcus Lawrence

“Just the concept of getting another chance at life,” Lawrence expressed. “You know, I feel like when I was 13, my Lord and Savior Jesus gave me an opportunity by showing me how to navigate life and pursue my dreams, so that’s why it resonates with me.”

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The Draft: Lawrence’s Anime Dream Team

When asked which anime characters he would draft into the NFL, Lawrence didn’t hesitate. His dream team began with the iconic duo from Dragon Ball Z: Goku and Vegeta.

“I’mma go with my Dragon Ball Z guys, first and foremost, because we’re gonna need those Super Saiyan powers in the fourth quarter. So, Goku at quarterback, Vegeta at middle linebacker,” Lawrence declared.

Expanding his roster, Lawrence selected Yuji Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen as wide receiver, Gabimaru from Hell’s Paradise as the other wide receiver, and Baki Hanma from Baki Hanma as running back. With their formidable skills, Lawrence’s lineup promised an unbeatable force on the field.

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A Laugh and a Challenge

As the conversation veered towards a hypothetical matchup against his own team, Lawrence chuckled, “Nah, I wouldn’t line up out there!”


DeMarcus Lawrence’s passion for anime extends beyond the screen and onto the football field. Through his vision of an anime-inspired dream team, he showcases the intersection of two seemingly disparate worlds, uniting fans of both football and Japanese animation.


1. How did DeMarcus Lawrence express his love for anime beyond the NFL?

Lawrence designed custom anime-inspired cleats and presented at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

2. Why did Lawrence resonate with Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation?

The anime’s theme of second chances struck a chord with Lawrence’s own life experiences.

3. Who are the core members of Lawrence’s anime dream team?

Goku and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, Yuji Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen, Gabimaru from Hell’s Paradise, and Baki Hanma from Baki Hanma.

4. What qualities does Lawrence attribute to his dream team from Dragon Ball Z?

He believes their Super Saiyan powers would be invaluable, especially in crucial moments of the game.

5. Would Lawrence consider facing off against his own anime dream team?

Lawrence humorously dismisses the idea, indicating the formidable strength of his selected characters.

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