Dua Lipa Asia Tour Dates Announced – Get Ready!

Want to see Dua Lipa on tour in Asia? With her newly announced concert dates, you just might be in luck.


Dua Lipa, the global pop sensation, has just dropped exciting news for her fans in Asia. On Tuesday, Dua announced the Asia leg of her highly anticipated Radical Optimism tour. If you’ve been waiting for a chance to see her live, this is your moment.

Tour Dates and Locations

Singapore Kicks Off the Tour

Dua Lipa will start her tour in Singapore on November 6. The vibrant city-state will set the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable series of performances.

Stops in Indonesia and the Philippines

After Singapore, Dua will head to Jakarta, Indonesia, and then to Manila, Philippines. Each stop is bound to attract massive crowds of dedicated fans eager to experience her electrifying performances.

Performances in Japan and Taiwan

The tour continues to Tokyo, Japan, and then to Taipei, Taiwan. Both cities are known for their enthusiastic concertgoers, ensuring that these shows will be packed with energy.

Malaysia and Thailand

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Bangkok, Thailand, are next on the list. Dua’s music resonates deeply in these regions, and her concerts are expected to be major events.

Final Stop in South Korea

The Asia leg of the Radical Optimism tour will conclude in Seoul, South Korea, on December 4. This finale promises to be a spectacular end to an incredible journey.

Ticket Information

Presale Details

Tickets for the Asia tour dates will be available through presale in select markets, with dates and times varying by location. Fans should keep an eye on official channels to ensure they don’t miss out.

General Sale

For those who miss the presale, tickets will also be available for general sale. Given Dua’s popularity, it’s advisable to act fast once tickets are released to the public.

European Leg Recap

Sold-Out Shows in Europe

As previously announced, Dua Lipa will also be making stops in Berlin, Germany; Pula, Croatia; and Nîmes, France, in June. All these shows are completely sold out, highlighting her immense popularity.

Glastonbury Headline

Dua will headline the Glastonbury Festival on June 28, a prestigious slot that solidifies her status as a top-tier performer. Her performance at this iconic festival is highly anticipated.

Royal Albert Hall Performance

In October, Dua will play at the Royal Albert Hall in London. This venue, known for its grandeur and historical significance, will provide a stunning backdrop for her performance.

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa

Potential North American Tour

Hopes for American Fans

Do these newly announced tour dates signal a North American leg on the horizon? Only time will tell, but for now, Dua’s American fans will just have to stay radically optimistic.

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Why You Should Attend

Unmatched Live Experience

Dua Lipa’s live performances are known for their high energy, dazzling visuals, and incredible vocal delivery. Attending her concert is more than just listening to music; it’s an experience that engages all the senses.

Fan Interaction

Dua has a reputation for interacting with her fans during her shows. This personal touch makes each concert unique and memorable for those in attendance.

New Music Performances

With the Radical Optimism tour, fans can expect to hear not only her hit songs but also new tracks performed live for the first time. This is a chance to be part of the debut of her latest work.

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Travel Tips for Concertgoers

Booking Accommodations Early

If you’re traveling to see Dua Lipa, it’s wise to book your accommodations as early as possible. Concert cities are likely to see a surge in visitors, and hotels may fill up quickly.

Exploring the City

While you’re in town for the concert, take the opportunity to explore the local culture and attractions. Each city on the tour has its own unique charm and offers plenty to see and do.

Staying Safe

Ensure you follow all local health and safety guidelines during your travels. This will help you enjoy the concert and your trip without any unnecessary worries.


Dua Lipa’s Radical Optimism tour is set to be one of the most exciting musical events of the year. With a series of performances across Asia, her fans have a fantastic opportunity to see her live in some of the region’s most vibrant cities. Don’t miss out on this chance to experience Dua Lipa’s incredible talent and energy in person.


1. When does the Asia leg of Dua Lipa’s tour start?

The Asia leg of Dua Lipa’s Radical Optimism tour starts on November 6 in Singapore.

2. How can I get tickets for the tour?

Tickets will be available through presale in select markets, with dates and times varying. General sale tickets will also be available.

3. Which cities in Asia will Dua Lipa visit?

Dua Lipa will perform in Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Tokyo, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Seoul.

4. Will there be a North American leg of the tour?

There is no official announcement yet, but fans are hopeful that a North American leg will be added in the future.

5. What can I expect from a Dua Lipa concert?

Expect high energy, dazzling visuals, incredible vocals, and a personal touch with fan interactions.

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