Eric Clapton recent performance at Co-op Live in Manchester on May 18, 2024, marked a significant event for music lovers. This venue, fresh off its grand opening earlier in the week, was buzzing with anticipation. Fans were not disappointed as Clapton, supported by Andy Fairweather Low and The Low Riders, delivered a memorable night of classic and new hits.

A Night to Remember: Clapton’s Set List

Clapton’s set list was a well-crafted blend of his greatest hits and deep cuts. The night kicked off with “Blue Dust”, setting the tone for an unforgettable evening.

1. Blue Dust

Starting the concert with “Blue Dust” set a captivating mood right from the beginning. The song’s intricate guitar work showcased Clapton’s legendary skill.

2. Key to the Highway

Next was “Key to the Highway,” a blues standard that Clapton has made his own. The audience was mesmerized by his soulful rendition.

3. Hoochie Coochie Man

With “Hoochie Coochie Man,” the crowd was treated to a powerful blues classic, filled with raw emotion and energy.

4. Badge

“Badge” followed, a song co-written with George Harrison that has become a staple in Clapton’s live performances.

5. Prayer of a Child

A newer addition, “Prayer of a Child,” brought a heartfelt and introspective moment to the set.

6. Driftin’

“Driftin’,” a song that encapsulates Clapton’s mastery of the blues, kept the audience entranced.

7. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out

This classic blues tune resonated deeply, its lyrics echoing Clapton’s personal and musical journey.

8. Back Home

“Back Home” added a touch of nostalgia and warmth, connecting deeply with long-time fans.

Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

9. Tears in Heaven

The emotional high point of the evening, “Tears in Heaven,” had many in the audience visibly moved.

10. Gotta Get Better in a Little While

Clapton’s optimism shone through in “Gotta Get Better in a Little While,” a song that speaks to hope and resilience.

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11. Holy Mother

“Holy Mother” provided a spiritual and uplifting experience, highlighting Clapton’s reflective side.

12. Crossroads

No Clapton concert is complete without “Crossroads,” a song that exemplifies his guitar prowess and deep roots in the blues.

13. Little Queen of Spades

“Little Queen of Spades” brought an extended jam session that allowed each band member to shine.

14. Close to Home (Nathan East)

Nathan East took the spotlight with “Close to Home,” showcasing his incredible talent on the bass.

15. Cocaine

The energetic “Cocaine” had the entire venue on their feet, singing along to every word.

16. Sunshine of Your Love (Encore)

The night ended on a high note with “Sunshine of Your Love,” leaving the audience euphoric and clamoring for more.

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The Band Lineup

Eric Clapton’s band is a powerhouse of talent:

  • Eric Clapton – Guitar/Vocals
  • Doyle Bramhall II – Guitar/Vocals
  • Chris Stainton – Piano/Keyboards
  • Tim Carmon – Hammond/Keyboards
  • Nathan East – Bass/Vocals
  • Sonny Emory – Drums
  • Katie Kissoon – Backing Vocals
  • Sharon White – Backing Vocals

Special Guest: Andy Fairweather Low and The Low Riders

Opening for Clapton, Andy Fairweather Low and The Low Riders set the stage perfectly. Their performance was a delightful mix of blues and rock, warming up the crowd for the main event.

Looking Ahead: Clapton’s Upcoming Shows

After Manchester, Clapton is set to play a four-night run at London’s Royal Albert Hall, with Andy and his band joining as special guests. Following that, Clapton will tour France and Italy before heading to South and North America in September and October.

For tickets to all 2024 concerts, visit Eric Clapton’s official website.


Eric Clapton’s Manchester performance was a testament to his enduring talent and the timeless appeal of his music. The set list was a journey through blues, rock, and personal reflection, leaving fans old and new with a night to remember.


1. What was the highlight of Eric Clapton’s Manchester concert?

The emotional performance of “Tears in Heaven” stood out as a highlight, deeply moving the audience.

2. Who opened for Eric Clapton in Manchester?

Andy Fairweather Low and The Low Riders were the opening act.

3. Where is Eric Clapton performing next?

Clapton’s next shows are at London’s Royal Albert Hall, followed by concerts in France, Italy, and later in South and North America.

4. How can I buy tickets for Eric Clapton’s 2024 concerts?

Tickets are available on Eric Clapton’s official website.

5. Who are the members of Eric Clapton’s current band?

Clapton’s band includes Doyle Bramhall II, Chris Stainton, Tim Carmon, Nathan East, Sonny Emory, Katie Kissoon, and Sharon White.


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