Jelly Roll Surprise Moment with Madeline Merlot at Detroit Concert

Wednesday night’s (April 24) concert at the Fillmore Detroit was not just about music; it was about moments that etch themselves into the memories of fans forever. Public Enemy hype man Flavor Flav kicked off the evening, setting the stage for an unforgettable performance by Jelly Roll. However, it was what unfolded during the show that truly stole the spotlight.

Righting a Musical Wrong

Jelly Roll, fresh from his triumphant run at the CMT Music Awards, took the stage with a mission beyond entertaining. He sought to rectify an oversight concerning Canadian singer-songwriter Madeline Merlot. During his rendition of “Kill a Man,” a track from his acclaimed album Whitsitt Chapel, Jelly Roll disclosed to the crowd that Merlot, though providing backup vocals on the recorded version, had gone uncredited. His reasoning was refreshingly candid: uncertainty about Merlot’s willingness to associate with his persona. Yet, his admiration for her talent shone through as he declared himself a devoted fan.

A Surprise Collaboration

In a gesture both unexpected and heartwarming, Jelly Roll invited Merlot to join him onstage, granting her the spotlight for the second verse of “Kill a Man.” The chemistry between them was palpable, bridging genres and showcasing the power of musical camaraderie.

Madeline Merlot: A Rising Star

Merlot’s journey in the music industry has been marked by perseverance and talent. From her stint on NBC’s Songland to her recent EP Slide and chart-topping single “Time + Faith,” she has steadily carved a niche for herself. This impromptu collaboration with Jelly Roll only adds another chapter to her burgeoning career.

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A Preview of Things to Come

Jelly_Roll didn’t stop at rewriting past oversights; he also offered a glimpse into the future with the debut of his rock anthem “Liar.” Despite initial hiccups, the performance resonated with the audience, who eagerly embraced the new sound. The question of whether “Liar” will feature on his upcoming album hangs tantalizingly in the air.

A Night of Musical Diversity

Beyond the spotlight moments, the concert was a testament to Jelly_Roll’s versatility as an artist. From hits like “Dead Man Walking” to paying homage to country legend Toby Keith, he navigated seamlessly through genres, leaving no musical stone unturned.

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Looking Ahead

As the Detroit concert served as a prelude to Jelly_Roll’s appearance at the Stagecoach festival, fans can anticipate more electrifying performances in the months to come. With tours lined up and new music on the horizon, the journey of Jelly_Roll continues to captivate audiences far and wide.


Wednesday night’s concert was more than just a showcase of musical talent; it was a celebration of collaboration, redemption, and the unifying power of music. Jelly_Roll’s gesture towards Madeline Merlot underscored the importance of recognizing and honoring fellow artists, while his preview of “Liar” hinted at an exciting new chapter in his career.

Unique FAQs

1. Was Madeline Merlot originally credited for her contribution to “Kill a Man”?

No, she wasn’t. Jelly Roll candidly admitted to the oversight during the concert, citing uncertainty about her willingness to be associated with him.

2. How did the audience react to the debut of Jelly Roll’s new song “Liar”?

Despite initial hiccups, the audience responded enthusiastically, indicating a positive reception for the upcoming track.

3. Will “Liar” feature on Jelly Roll’s next album?

The question remains unanswered, but the overwhelming approval from the Detroit crowd certainly weighs in its favor.

4. What other surprises did the concert hold besides the collaboration with Madeline Merlot?

In addition to the unexpected duet, the concert featured a diverse setlist spanning Jelly Roll’s hits and a tribute to Toby Keith.

5. What’s next for Jelly Roll after the Detroit concert?

With appearances lined up at festivals and tours extending into the future, fans can expect more exciting performances from Jelly Roll.

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