Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Split Rumors: Revealing New Details

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck may be currently engulfed by split speculation, but that didn’t stop the singer from sharing the story about her first engagement ring from the actor. Amid reports that the couple are living separately, Jennifer Lopez appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! — seemingly wearing her wedding ring — where she briefly mentioned Affleck and the original engagement ring he gifted her back in the early 2000s.

A Blast from the Past: The Original Engagement Ring

When Jennifer Lopez and Affleck, often dubbed “Bennifer,” first got engaged in 2002, it was a moment that captivated fans worldwide. The stunning pink diamond ring from Harry Winston was a 6.1-carat masterpiece that immediately drew attention. It was more than just a piece of jewelry; it symbolized a high-profile romance that was intensely followed by the media and fans alike.

Meeting Barbra Streisand: A Memorable Moment

Jennifer Lopez recounted a memorable encounter with her idol, Barbra Streisand, on the red carpet. Streisand, known for her keen eye for beauty, commented on Jennifer Lopez’s ring. “She kinda was like asking to look at my engagement ring at the time, that Ben had given me years ago,” Jennifer Lopez shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Streisand’s reaction was straightforward: “So that’s a big diamond.” Lopez responded with a simple agreement, “Yes it is.”

The Second Proposal: Even Bigger and Brighter

Fast forward nearly 20 years, and Bennifer was back together, stronger than ever. In 2021, Affleck proposed again, this time with an even more magnificent ring. The 8.5-carat green diamond ring was not just larger but also held deeper significance. The band was engraved with “Not. Going. Anywhere,” a phrase that reflected their renewed commitment. Jennifer Lopez shared with Zane Lowe that this was Affleck’s way of reassuring her, a sentiment that echoed their journey.

Living Separately Amid Speculations

Currently, Jennifer Lopez is busy promoting her new movie, Atlas. Her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and solo attendance at the film’s premiere fueled rumors about the couple living separately. Reports suggest Affleck has moved to his own place in Brentwood, while Jennifer Lopez remains in their Beverly Hills home. Despite these rumors, the couple has made public appearances together, maintaining a united front.

The constant media attention can strain any relationship, and Bennifer is no exception. Recently, Lopez “liked” an Instagram post about unhealthy relationships, sparking further speculation about their status. Additionally, rumors have circulated that Affleck prefers to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, contrasting with Lopez’s more public approach.

Public Appearances: Smiles and Togetherness

Despite the swirling rumors, Lopez and Affleck have been seen together, smiling and supporting each other. They were recently photographed attending Affleck’s child Fin’s school play, showcasing their commitment to family and each other. These appearances suggest that, regardless of the speculation, Bennifer is working through their challenges together.

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The Bennifer Timeline: A Love Story for the Ages

2002: The Beginning

Lopez and Affleck met on the set of Gigli in 2002. Their chemistry was undeniable, leading to a whirlwind romance and an engagement later that year.

2003: Postponed Wedding

The couple’s highly anticipated wedding was postponed in 2003, with intense media scrutiny cited as a significant factor.

2004: The Breakup

In 2004, Lopez and Affleck called off their engagement, and their relationship seemed to have ended for good.

2021: Rekindled Romance

Nearly two decades later, the couple rekindled their romance in 2021, much to the delight of fans worldwide.

2022: Wedding Bells Again

In 2022, Lopez and Affleck got married, marking a new chapter in their enduring love story.

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The Significance of Engagement Rings

Engagement rings often symbolize more than just a promise; they are tokens of commitment and love. For Lopez and Affleck, their rings have marked significant milestones in their relationship, from their initial engagement to their renewed vows.

The Pink Diamond: A Symbol of First Love

The pink diamond from Harry Winston was not just a ring; it was a symbol of their first engagement and the early days of their relationship.

The Green Diamond: A New Beginning

The green diamond, with its engraved band, represents their second chance at love and the promise of a future together.

What’s Next for Bennifer?

As Lopez continues her promotional activities for Atlas, fans are eager to see how her relationship with Affleck unfolds. While split rumors persist, their public appearances and mutual support suggest that Bennifer is far from over.


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s love story is one that has captured the hearts of many. Despite the ups and downs, their journey together is a testament to enduring love and commitment. As they navigate their relationship under the public eye, their story continues to inspire and intrigue fans around the world.


1. Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck still together?

Yes, despite split rumors, the couple has been seen together in public, maintaining a united front.

2. What was the significance of the pink diamond ring?

The pink diamond ring symbolized their first engagement in 2002, marking the beginning of their high-profile romance.

3. What does the engraving on the green diamond ring say?

The green diamond ring is engraved with “Not. Going. Anywhere,” reflecting Affleck’s commitment to Lopez.

4. Why did Lopez attend the Atlas premiere alone?

Lopez attended the Atlas premiere alone amid reports of alleged tension with Affleck, who is reportedly living separately.

5. How have Lopez and Affleck handled media scrutiny?

The couple has made efforts to present a united front in public, despite rumors and media scrutiny about their relationship.

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