John Cena Oscars 2024: Surprise Going Nude for Best Costume Design

John Cena Oscars 2024: John Cena surprises at Oscars, presenting Best Costume Design, clad in a humorous gown after rejecting the idea of a streaker act. Holly Waddington wins for “Poor Things” amid Cena’s antics.

John Cena Oscars 2024 Surprise Going Nude for Best Costume Design

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At the 96th Academy Awards, John Cena made a memorable appearance on stage while presenting the award for Best Costume Design. Host Jimmy Kimmel teased Cena’s entrance by referencing a streaker at the 1974 Oscars. When Cena emerged, he humorously rejected the idea of doing a streaker act, emphasizing the elegance of the event and defending the male body from being treated as a joke.

Responding to Kimmel’s jest about wrestling naked, Cena clarified that he wrestles in jorts (jean shorts), not nude. Kimmel jokingly countered that jorts are worse than being naked, prompting Cena to cover himself with a winner’s envelope, causing a stir in the audience. Despite the comedic banter, Cena emphasized the importance of costumes in filmmaking.

John Cena Oscars 2024

As the nominees were announced, assistants rushed to clothe Cena in an elaborate gown. Cena then announced Holly Waddington as the winner for Best Costume Design for “Poor Things,” beating out competitors from films like “Barbie” and “Killers of the Flower Moon.” The unexpected and humorous moment added a unique touch to the Oscars ceremony.

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