Kelly Clarkson’s Hilarious ‘Blaze of Glory’ Blooper: A Rock Star Rescue

Even a Grammy-winning karaoke queen has bad days at the mic.

On Thursday, Kelly Clarkson showed fans her fiery side with a Kellyoke blooper reel that saw her stumbling over the words to Jon Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory.” In a preview clip, she went so far as to call the hit tune “the song that almost killed me.”

Kelly Clarkson’s Kellyoke Challenge

The Legendary Kellyoke Segment

Kelly Clarkson, the beloved host of The Kelly Clarkson Show, is renowned for her “Kellyoke” segment, where she covers popular songs. Fans eagerly anticipate her renditions, which often showcase her incredible vocal range and versatility.

A Tough Tune: ‘Blaze of Glory’

However, even a seasoned performer like Clarkson isn’t immune to the occasional hiccup. During a rehearsal for “Blaze of Glory,” she found herself repeatedly stumbling over the lyrics, despite her familiarity with the song.

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson

The Struggle: A Funny Yet Frustrating Rehearsal

The First Misstep

As Clarkson began to sing, she stumbled over the lyrics almost immediately. The first pause in the music was met with a light-hearted, “Oh man, my learning disability kicked in and I said ‘Let the boy like die a man.’ Yup. And it’s definitely not that!”

Building Frustration

Despite her best efforts, Clarkson continued to mix up the lyrics. Her frustration was palpable, especially when she exclaimed, “Ah f— me,” followed by an outright scream into the microphone. The repeated misfires were met with disbelief as she nearly sang, “Let me fake my final stand.”

Hitting Rock Bottom

At one point, Clarkson was so exasperated that she sank to the floor, visibly defeated by the song. An off-camera voice encouraged her, saying, “Come on, Clarkson.”

A Legendary Rescue: Jon Bon Jovi to the Rescue

A Surprise Visitor

Amidst her struggles, Clarkson was interrupted by none other than Jon Bon Jovi himself. His unexpected arrival brought a moment of levity and encouragement.

Words of Encouragement

Seeing Clarkson on the floor, Bon Jovi shook his head with a smile and said, “Come on girlfriend!” His words and the subsequent hug provided the boost Clarkson needed.

Regaining Composure

With Bon Jovi’s support, Clarkson managed to regain her composure. She returned to the stage, determined to get the lyrics right.

The Aftermath: A Lesson in Perseverance

Overcoming Obstacles

Clarkson’s experience with “Blaze of Glory” is a testament to her resilience. Despite the frustrations, she persevered, ultimately delivering a performance that fans could appreciate.

A Relatable Moment

This blooper reel resonated with many, showcasing that even the most talented individuals have their off days. Clarkson’s candidness and humor throughout the ordeal made her all the more relatable.

The Impact of the Blooper Reel

Fan Reactions

Fans were quick to react to the blooper reel, with many expressing their support and admiration for Clarkson’s transparency. Social media was abuzz with comments praising her for handling the situation with grace and humor.

Clarkson’s Response

Clarkson herself took the mishap in stride, sharing the blooper reel with her fans and laughing about the experience. Her ability to laugh at herself endeared her even more to her audience.

Kellyoke: A Staple of The Kelly Clarkson Show

Why Fans Love Kellyoke

The Kellyoke segment has become a beloved part of The Kelly Clarkson Show. Fans appreciate the opportunity to see Clarkson cover a wide variety of songs, often bringing a unique twist to each performance.

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The Future of Kellyoke

Despite the occasional hiccup, Kellyoke continues to be a highlight of the show. Clarkson’s willingness to share both her triumphs and struggles makes the segment all the more engaging.

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Kelly Clarkson’s humorous yet frustrating experience with Jon Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory” is a reminder that even the most accomplished performers have their challenging moments. Her candidness and ability to laugh at herself not only humanize her but also inspire her fans. With the support of legends like Bon Jovi and her unwavering determination, Clarkson proves that even the toughest lyrics can’t keep her down for long. Kellyoke lives on to slay another day, reminding us all that perseverance and a good sense of humor can conquer even the most challenging obstacles.


1. What is Kellyoke?

Kellyoke is a popular segment on The Kelly Clarkson Show where Kelly Clarkson covers well-known songs, showcasing her vocal talent and versatility.

2. Why did Kelly Clarkson struggle with “Blaze of Glory”?

Despite knowing the song well, Clarkson struggled with the lyrics during rehearsal, leading to multiple humorous and frustrating moments.

3. How did Jon Bon Jovi help Kelly Clarkson?

Jon Bon Jovi made a surprise appearance during Clarkson’s rehearsal, offering encouragement and a supportive hug, which helped her regain her composure.

4. How did fans react to the blooper reel?

Fans responded positively, praising Clarkson for her transparency and humor in handling the situation. The reel resonated with many, showing that even stars have off days.

5. Will Kellyoke continue on The Kelly Clarkson Show?

Yes, Kellyoke remains a beloved part of the show, with Clarkson’s willingness to share both her successes and struggles making it even more engaging for fans.

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