Kim Kardashian Just Got Booed At The Tom Brady Roast

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In case you weren’t paying attention, Tom Brady is currently being roasted on Netflix. And it is pretty vicious. It’s not a hand-holding roast, they are going no holds barred. Nikki Glaser fucking killed it. But as you see above, not everyone was welcomed with open arms. Kim Kardashian got up there and the crowd booed her ass. Dave couldn’t be happier about it:

I will say, she read the jokes written for her and they weren’t too bad. Randy Moss, on the other hand, kinda bombed. Stick to the script, Randy!

And while we’re here, when are we gonna roast Dave? We gotta do it. I did that mini-roast at the 25th anniversary show…but there were jokes I left out because I thought they crossed the line. If we do a roast of Dave, I will do those jokes! Plus I cannot imagine how funny the other people (the actual funny people at Barstool) would be. The issue would be if people would be too scared to roast Dave, but c’mon, he can handle it. Hope we do it one day!

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